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  1. The board is so much better!
  2. Orion
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    Guys if you really listen why do you let people overpost. Can't you just tell them to stop. You do realize that they are costing you money right? Girls just give up and guys get tired of seeing the same two or three girls over and over. You have an obvious problem with one guy that spams like a machine but seem to encourage him. I don't get it. Like I was saying in another post. I'm not spending money there at this point.

    Just tell them to stop Dennis. If I say who they are everyone will cry about it and move or delete my post.
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  3. Orion.... it seems your wish was granted! Check out the new rules. The BunnyRanch is the tits... They even grant wishes hehe.
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    this board still needs better organization. seriously.
  5. crumbie is crabby.

    I'm just thrilled about the spam ban.
  6. More emphasis needs to be made on the tagging system and less on the "threads/posts for the sake of threads/posts". As if one uses tags and tags correctly their information can easily be found. And they don't look too bored. *whistles*
  7. Orion
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    People never understand tags for some reason.
  8. I troll the tags a little for my own threads but it's all in good fun and carried over from being a longtime person of the internet back in the days of LiveJournal and such where tags were REALLY useful. Even joke tags.
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    I think the new system is working out fine! Its just taking some people longer to get used to it
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  10. WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF REMOVING A LOT OF THE banners form our site now
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  11. To Dennis thank you for all you have done , I am currently trying to get in contact to you in regards to Americas next top virgin. I am eager to participate and have been for some time. I have sent you an email, twitter, board post and hope you can reply if you still offer such a service and whether you could help me. I am from the Uk but can fly over for promo or just to meet.

  12. Ty I will look at my mail and get back to you
  13. Consider bringing on a few more moderators whose sole task is to go over the boards and make sure people are posting in the correct places, old irrelevant threads are trashed, and everyone is following the rules put up in January by Freaky as per Suzette. The disorganization, clutter, and spam-like posts are starting to become an issue again and this needs to be addressed.
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    GezabelleSinclaire The girl you always Fantasized about

    I am loving the way the boards are now!!
  15. BigAlbowski
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    I do like the new boards!
    The only issue I see is the 30 character max.... not great for game threads! lol
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  16. Keep in
    mind that you can put your post on twitter with one click

    Al please e ma and tell what your ir is ty D
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    Hi Dennis,
    Didn't quite get that... What would you like?
    [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
  19. I think the 30 character should be reduced down to at least 20 if not 15
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    Many game threads require one word answers... and few 30 letter words out there.. LOL
    I know the point of 30 characters was to increase quality of posts... but if there is an easy cheat by just holding space bar and putting period or smiley and condenses to look like small word... why have the minimum at all? Just observation

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  21. Because some that are prolific posters will be posting 5 times a minute rather than one time a minute if you make it easier for them to do that with a shorter number of keystrokes.
  22. BigAlbowski
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    BigAlbowski Well-Known Member

    Well I wouldn't say 5 to 1... maybe 3 to 1... LOL
  23. Mr Hof and Ms Suzette,

    My website suggestions:
    I would have the ladies stats displayed, even those that do not have a photo spread.
    The days and times the ladies plan to work would also be helpful.

    My Message Board suggestions:
    Try to encourage all the ladies to participate. I appears that only a handful make posts. It would be great to hear from as many ladies as possible. I do not believe a quota would work as it may lead to ladies posting just to post. Unfortunately, I cannot think of an ideal way to encourage participation on the message board while keeping the quality of the posts at a high level.

    I have tried to use the Force on the ladies from my long distance. However, the Jedi Mind Trick only works on weak-minded fools. None of the ladies fall in this category.
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  24. GezabelleSinclaire
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    GezabelleSinclaire The girl you always Fantasized about

    As far as when ladies are working being posted, a lot of ladies have their schedule on their signature. Ladies posting, although it is great when as many ladies as possible are posting on the boards, it is up to the lady whether the last wants to post or not.
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    just wondering is there a way (that Im pretty sure I might have missed) to find out wut posts new/old that have been read by me and not yet read by me??? ex: say I log in and then it will show me; by using a little symbol next to each post/thread; wut I have read and not read yet....
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