Memo to Dennis H. Isabella Soprano

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Anonymous, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. Dennis: Do you know when she will be back? I fell in love with her on the HBO Series Cathouse. Saving money to come for a visit, but she is gone. Will she be back?
  2. Follow up to FunGirl - I agree, Isabella Soprano IS definitely the most beautiful, sexy and down to earth lady I have seen on the HBO series. I to am planning on a trip to Nevada in the fall, and will definitely be stopping by. The trip will be so much more enjoyable if Isabella is there. Dennis, you are the man! Any chance you need a CFO for your operation.
  3. isabella soprano

    we dont know when isabella will be back to the bunnyranch. if she does, we will definately put her on our webpage so everyone to see. she is off doing her own thing, Im not sure, but I think shes picking cotton.
  4. Re: isabella soprano

    That is very funny Madam Suzette. I actually laughed out loud to that one. :lol:
  5. Re: isabella soprano

    Isnt that a bit of an exagguration, Ms. Suzette? From growing one's own organic vegetable farm, to "picking cotton?'

    Come on now!
  6. isabella soprano

    my girlfriend and i are totally in love with isabella, she is such a down to earth sweetheart, and are planning on a trip to vegas next summer, i really hope she comes back, my g/f wants her. lol
  7. I live in the same town that Isabella Soprano's father works in... lol

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