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  1. I will be visiting the ranch, Madam Suzette, I will definitely be visiting and I am looking forward to sitting in the parlor..... [smilie=happy.gif]
  2. meeting

    and dont ask for me. I would love to meet you and buy a cocktail.
  3. Re: meeting

    I will definitely remember to ask for you. I would love to meet you, too, and have a drink with you! [smilie=happy.gif] I will be sure to bring my digital camera and maybe we can take a group picture.
  4. madame suzette..u r still very beautiful.

    i cant wait to meet u in person.
  5. What a beautiful mommy we all have!!! Hugs!!
  6. Madame's invitation!

    Well thank you Madame for the kind invitation...the parlor is a lovely spot to sit and chat! Even more so, with great company and a nice drink!
    I am looking forward to meeting in person and lounging in the parlor in realtime:) You will be receiving my photos soon and I would love to work together!! I was a feature entertainer for years, now in need of new adventures$!! My plane ticket's ready:)) I will be patient and respect your busy schedule. But anxious:)
    You have a great group of friends there~!! Lucky lady you are!
    Looking forward to your upcoming makeover show?!!! You will continue to shine! :wink:

    :p smiles- sweetiedd/ D.D.
  7. pics

    we would all love to take a group picture.
  8. Great Picture... Wonder who took it.. Oh wait I remember, it was me!!!
  9. Mommy you are so sweet, I miss you so much. I love the picture you look beautiful.
  10. so cute Madam Suzette! Love the jewels!

    xoxoxo Dior
  11. the madams jewels

    my signature are pearls. I always wear them. even with jeans or sweats.
    wheres your pearls girls?
  12. my only pearl is between my legs..humm lol

    soriously, me my siggy is celtic cross, pentagrams chains

    Natacha / Fuega
  13. Madam darling, the pearls are very you! Pearls & jeans is a classic. Lots of men have given me pearls,...but they wash do yours stay on? heehee :wink:
    I actually have a real strand I got as a gift that just aren't my might like them?! Thanks for the reply:) :D
    And Kris is right- life as a brunette rocks!!! (esp. w/ so many beautiful blondes)
  14. Re: meeting


    I would love to have the time this time.....just to chat with you over a drink....

    Things seemed to go fast last time.........

  15. Madam Suzette

    When I first starting working here I was so nervous and scared. Just like some of the guys that walk in here. But, after you are around the madam you get the feeling of comfort. Like you would if you had been here for years. I think that helps more then anything. This place is not just the world famous bunny ranch, but it is also a place to relax and enjoy yourself. After all life is too short and people are so unhappy sometimes. Why not get out of the daily work routine and treat yourself with some of the bunnies like me !!
  16. I love pearls

    I have a small choker set with matching earrings i wear alot. Classic. I sent you a picture of me in a dress I wore my pearls w/it. I dont know if they show. I get alot of comments about them by gentlemen. I think it really plays up the naughty/nice image. Cant wait to meet you!! I sent emails and pics back Thanks Strawberry

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