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  1. Maya and I had a 1.5 hour GFE (girl friend experience) party in late July.

    Maya had earlier told me that she did not know how to use the sword in her number one picture. Another fan, however, had suggested that Maya gave “good behead” with that sword. Maya and I managed many activities during our party. I still have all of my equipment, so the rumor that she uses her sword during that activity is just not true.

    Maya does not have the body of a high school cheerleader – She does have the body of a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader – All Woman. You will not be disappointed if you think that “it is what’s up front that counts.”

    Maya knows how to use here considerable attributes to the fullest extent during a party. Her parties are fun, pleasurable, sensual, and very sexy. She is tied for second with another popular bunny for most mentions associated with parties on the Real Life Ranch Reports thread. Why? Read some of her reports by others. Maya puts so much into her parties that people want to recognize and reward her efforts by recommending her to others.

    Maya had prepared for our party and was wearing a very becoming outfit. We had an outstanding party with a full range of activities. She suggested and we did several things that I had not yet experienced. Maya achieved satisfaction several times during our party. We then chilled in the parlor for a considerable period, but maintained a very sensual atmosphere – lots of hugs and some kisses. We talked as a couple to several of the other bunnies. We had supper as a couple with several other bunnies in the kitchen.

    Make an appointment and have a Maya Love party. You will have a Lovely experience. I did.
  2. I had a great time today. It was so much fun and a different kind of party. I have never done that before but I knew I had to plan something special for you. I am glad that you were satisfied with all my preparations. You were so sensual and kind hearted man. And your number suits you well! :wink:

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