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Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by Harold, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Maya Love and I had our second 1.5 hour GFE (girl friend experience) party in late September. Maya is the perfect girl friend. She cares about you as a person. She is also all women – nothing artificial.

    We met in the parlor. Lots of warm hugs and hot kisses as a greeting. Many more in her bedroom, which she had decorated in a pleasing oriental motif.

    I would be happy to have spent my entire time in Maya’s arms just kissing and hugging. However, we did not. We tried several new things (second party) and achieved satisfaction multiple times using various techniques. Like I just said, Maya is the perfect girl friend.

    Maya has many fans and is therefore almost always very nearly the top booker (second or third) for the month. Maya recently had her one year anniversary at the MLBR so she knows how to please.

    Maya and I cuddled in the outside hot tube to end our formal party. We then continued our conversations in the parlor when time and other ranch activities permitted.

    You really should have a party with Maya. Once you do, you will know why others do and you should return for a second, third, fourth, etc. party with Miss Maya Love.
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    Well said my friend. No truer words were ever spoken. Once is never enough! Counting down the days until my next encounter with the lovely Maya.....
  3. Harold,
    You are truely a wonderful person. I enjoy spending every second with you weather its in the bedroom or the parlor. :D
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    Maya is an incredible lady and very fun to know.

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