Maya Love and Summer Paige-hot enough to melt the snow

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  1. I finally got to party with Maya Love and Summer Paige and words can not get even close to describing these two lovely beauties. They were both polite and inviting and whew--I'm getting all giddy just recollecting the experience--YEEHAA! :oops: Maya provided the tour of the ranch and was kind and patient with this first timer (thank you so much Maya!). The experience was more than heavenly! We all clicked and had an exceptionally great time. Summer's and Maya's ladylike qualities are a perfect match for their extraordinary beauty. Summer's beautiful smile and big blue eyes are breathtaking while Maya's patience and desire to please would leave anyone captivated. They made me feel very very welcome and very appreciated. I hope to get back soon and enjoy yet another round. Thanks Maya and Summer for a great time and for being two all around, wonderful ladies. ;)
  2. we had a wonderful time. Thank you for being so open minded and sweet. I look forward of having another great encounter with you.
  3. We had such a good time !!!

    It's so nice that we connected so well...This party was soooo much fun. I really hope we can do it again !!!
  4. welcome back

    welcome back
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    @ very good choices I have had the pleasure of meeting both ladies and I agree they are both very classy and beautiful ladies. I haven't partied with either yet but Two very good choices. Miss ya ladies
  6. oh yeah

    Hey kev-o

    O Yeah!
  7. glad you had a good time

    Hey, glad you had a good time with summer page. She looks like a girl I went to high school with. Won't say if the girl she resembled was a good or bad experience, but she DOES have a resemblance to that person. No offense, Summer. That wasn't my intention
  8. Summer......

    Oh, it was a GREAT experience!
  9. glad to hear it
  10. Re: glad you had a good time

  11. Were waiting for round two !!!
  12. Summer and Maya. A party I might have to look into.

  13. It's something that you will never forget! :twisted:

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