Mancow's Morning Madhouse

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Anonymous, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. I was listening this morning and they were doing prank phone calls and I swear I heard Madam Suzette say:

    "Moonlight Bunny Ranch"

    The guy said "I want one of the whores to give me a hickey"! And then you called him a jackass....

    Was this you Madam? I would definetly think it was because I remember seeing Mancow on the show and I thought Dennis and him were buddies.... :p
  2. Hello,
    No, that wasn't me that answered the phone, it was probably one our sexy receptionist.
    but that is very funny :D
  3. Mancow is the coolest and yes he loves to goof on us.

    I was in the studio once and he asked me to do a drop for the show, it went.

    "Hi its dennis from the world Famous Bunnyranch and it all started when Subway wouldn't give me a franchise"

    I used it in the show and now everyone thinks its true.

    Can you think of any new lines?
  4. How About...

    Hey Dennis how about this line... Im sorry if it offends any of the girls over there..... :oops:

    When someone asks you why you got into this business you should say:

    "I figured it would be a lot easier to sell womens bodies than vaccum cleaners!"

    Let me know what you think! And again sorry if anyone takes offense to it. I meant nothing by it!!! :wink:
  5. LOL OMG... what do you think a woman is???!! She'll suck your money, credit cards, and assets faster and deeper than a hoover!
  6. "Hi this is Dennis Hof, from the moonlite bunny ranch! Bunnies, their whats for dinner!"
  7. Moonlite Bunny Ranch, where panties drop faster & are worth more than your worldcom stock....
  8. JenJen I like this one, you win the prize!!!!
  9. Whats my prize!
  10. A BunnyRanch robe!!! are you excited?
  11. OMG! I totally am.... I'm even more excited that I won't be wearing anything with it!
  12. You are so lucky, I don't even get a robe, just a gay purple collar Handy Ho picked out. God I wish I had a new one, something a little more manly.

    Ok, now that you are naked with your robe on what color pumps do we have? D likes red a lot.

    Are you going to model the robe for me?

    How are you with a frisbee.

    I always say"show me a 10, a hot chick that can't throw a frizbee, I call her a 7."

    Frisbee tossers are hot!!!!!!!
  13. Domino as soon as I get my robe you'll be the first to see it.... nothing is better than a girlie to walk you in the morning with red pumps and a sexy robe... I'd rate myself a 7 but my frisbee throwing skills will make me 10.

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