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  1. Here is what I know. My son is getting married and his best man and I (the grooms father) have decided a bachelor party at the ranch will be our set goal. I like it because my girlfriend says anything at the ranch is OK with her and maybe I will pick up a trick or two. The people attending the party will also be free to enjoy with the exception of the groom. That is tradition in our neck of the woods.
    So, we have the dream...what do we do to make it reality?


  2. I seen on an episode of the Cathouse a bachlor party come in and they had a great time so dont talk about it just go!
    Im not there and i wish so badly that i was that would be soooo cool to have a party with a bachelor. If you dont mind me asking why cant the groom enjoy?? Its his last time to have fun! no one needs to know. just GiT R DonE!!!!

    Jenna Lee
    (a Wanna Be Bunny)
  3. Hi Jenna (wanna be bunny),
    Well, you said the simple truth in that yes we should just show up. In New Jersey we don't understand the luxury of a legal party palace. I am putting it on my list of things to do, just to get off the clock and come to Reno and trip out to check the place out. Sounds like heaven and certainly too good to be true.
    I am going to pick up a copy of that Cathouse series and see about the bachelor party there. I guess it's a no brainer and not too hard to do when you have the place already setup to party, relax and have a hedonistic experience.
    So you are a wanna be bunny? If it's something you wish to pursue, then do it. What ever we desire in our lives, we will attract in our lives. As a man who has been around for 55 years, I have learned to always do something rather than wait until it happens. There are two types of regrets. The regrets of things we did for which we will always be able to handle in time. We get over those things. Then there are the regrets which stick for a lifetime. The regret of not doing something. It is hard to get over that. What are you going to do?
    So I will be at the ranch first chance I about you?

    PS...the groom gets none because he is getting married and he can only see what he is missing. Besides, he is also my son so if he sneaks a taste of the cake, I will be blind.

  4. Im gonna be a bunny if they pick me out of 9000 other girls who want to be bunnys. So i hope the like what i have to offer and maybe ill be there when you get there. If you hear a girl say her name is Jenna Lee Thats me and you say your 55? Well i love older men i would love to have fun with you.. And show you a great nite so maybe ill see ya there. Ill keep you posted so you can come out if i go there, If you like me!

    Jenna Lee

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