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  1. A greeting and hug from Madam Suzette is a Moonlite Bunny Ranch activity not to be missed. Seek her out and introduce yourself if she is not present when you arrive

    Madam Suzette is an astute business woman. She has the job of herding the HBO Cathouse cats (i.e., the bunnies). One of her other tasks is to keep both the MLBR and BR2 houses full. Her choice of bunnies provides the spice of life that we enjoy. She is the glue that keeps things running smoothly.

    She has many talents as her solo number in the New Years Eve HBO show demonstrates. Many of her other behind the scenes activities are also revealed in the various HBO shows. Take a moment when you visit the MLBR to thank Madam Suzette for her efforts on your behalf.
  2. I love Harold!!!

    Harold you are simply irresistible and not everyone gets a hug like that one........

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