Madam Suzette plastic surgery?

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  1. I rember when you guy's were on the tyra show you said that you were going to have a makeover, from the swan I think? any updates?
  2. Unfortunately The Swan was not renewed for a second season. My good Friend and Business Partner was supposed to be one of the Surgeons for Season 2........
  3. how sad :cry:
  4. the swan show

    that is put on hold for a while but still could be possible. one thing for sure is I have got a little weight to loose first. I talked to the doctor the other day and it still could be a go. that is a very big procedure and I am not ready yet.
  5. swan doctor

    Actually, it was my favorite show and it was not renewed. but the doctor was interested in doing my plastic surgery.
    Dr. Randal Haworth
  6. Madam.... I think you look sweet, beautiful and adorable in all the pics I've seen of you... why mess with a good thing?

    :lol: Katt
  7. Re: the swan show

    Don't change a thing Madame Suzette you look great ! It was an honor to finally meet you in person last week. You can eat crackers in my bed anytime. :D
  8. Madam Suzette I think you are are such a beautiful woman...don't you know you aren't suppose to mess with perfection??? LOVE YA LOTS!! XOXOXO from this southern gal to you!!
  9. :D You're very attractive, Madam Suzette :D
  10. Mommy - First & Foremost - I luv your heart, respect your decisions, and adore your gracious laughter. Us Bunnies would support this endeavor if & when you choose to do this ... BUT, I may speak for the majority in this matter - PLEASE, PLEASE, Mommy - Don't turn yourself into another Star Jones! I, frankly, think that you are lovely just the way you are ... Health reasons aside, please don't change.
  11. plastic surgery

    awwww, jen that is sooooo sweet. but I think you just dont want me to have any plastic surgury because I just might give you a run for your money. just kidding. I appreciate you too so much. and I love our little trips to virginia city. I received your post card today. it's beautiful. thank you so much. you are appreciated too. have some fun for me.

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