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  1. Madam you are so sexy im glad your not on the lineup but i hope you and My folks Dennis really get married you would look lik a real good couple i would be willing to let Dennis marry you before me then its my turn
  2. sexy suz

    Dear Young Av,
    why thank you very much for saying that I am sexy. that is the nicest thing anyone said to me all day.
  3. reply

    your welcome any thing for you my dear
  4. Well you are sexy hunny!!!
  5. Bunnies outta the hat, Dennis and Suzette are already married!! I just found their wedding photos the other day!!! ENJOY!!!


    Click to Enlarge
  6. LOL I KNEW IT!!!
  7. bunnys out of the hat

    Oh my Kris, where did you find that picture, that was taken back in 1983. You have been sneaking in my private areas you bad little boy.
  8. Sorry Mommy! I just thought that you and Dennis should finally come clean!!! :D :D

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