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  1. Everyone always talks about starting a Dennis Hof fan club (which he deserves, luv ya dennis!) but what about Madam Suzette? Come on now, Madam Suzette is one of the coolest and most stylish woman to ever exist! Not to mention, extremely hard working. She is an inspiration to all of us!
    And Suzette, since i am a cat lover, i have to say that I love Princess and Einstein (I saw their pics on your myspace page)
    When i grow up i want to be just like Madam Suzette!

    PS. I plan on making it out to the bunnyranch in a few years to visit. My godsister and I are planning on visiting Reno, the bunnyranch, and Las Vegas. (it is easier said then done since im an east coast grl)
  2. She indeed deserves that no question!

    I havent met her yet but im sure when I do ill love her death :D

    Cant wait to meet her
  3. She was the reason i orignally started watching Cathouse. The bunnyranch would not be the same without her
  4. Same with me,

    Nope it wouldnt.... :D
  5. Sign me up for her Fan Club then :D
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    suzette fan club

    Madame suzette is the bomb she is so cool. Hey suzette I missed meeting you in Nov you were in nyc getting everything ready. If you are there in March when I come visit Audrey maybe we can get a picture.
  7. I agree, can I be a member of the club or is this a chick club.

    I don't have a cat but love pussy, a lot!!
  8. of course u can be a member of this fan club. it wouldnt be right if u werent part of this fan club daddy D!

    sign me in too!
  9. Ok I am a member.
  10. Mommy so deserves a club!!!

    I definetly want to join!!! :D
  11. It would be much of a club if you weren't a member!
    And since you seem to be Madam Suzette's #1 fan, you HAVE to join.

  12. Wonderfull now we can be member together :wink:
  13. hey, that's a great idea!!! you can be president and I will be treasurer.
  14. Since the fan club is to show our respect to you, it would be odd for you to have to do any work in it, but it is always up to you. I think the official color for the club would have to be PINK! Would anybody agree?
  15. I think Madam Suzette is awesome! I've never seen a picture of here when she wasn't smiling....nor have I ever say anything harsh about her! She is just a magnificent person! I'd love to be a member please!!
  16. Well i think i have started something here

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