Madam Suzette and Dennis??

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  1. Ok I was looking through the photo gallery and i have to say the pic of Dennis and Madam together is so cute, They look like they belong together, they truly make a cute couple!
    why the hell havent yall got hooked up yet?? Madam Suzette if you havent done it yet then you need to get you some of that and the same thing for Dennis, I remember hearing in one of the shows that yall have never been "together" that way but geez dont you think its time!!!
    Yall truly look like a match made in heaven! What gives???? Whats the hold up????
    everyone needs to go look at that pic, I believe it is under General then Celebrities...tell me what yall think!
  2. couples

    thanks for the compliment about Dennis and I. Let me share a story with you. One day Dennis and I were at a wedding and someone came up to us and told us the exact same thing. and Dennis turned to me and said," I would never do that to you honey." and I said, "why thank you Dennis." God I love that man. always thinking of my feelings. so considerate.
  3. Suz, listen to her.

    GIVE DADDY D A TASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We could keep it all business, wanta go shopping?

    That's Madam's weakness.
  4. lmao..daddy d knows ur weakness
  5. Re: couples

    Hmmmm I see Love , man, feelings and considerate all in one sentence!
    I bet if yall hooked up for just one night then you would know you are meant to be!
    Yall truly look like you are supposed to be together!
    And you seem to get along so well so even if you dont get married at least get you some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Freinds with Benefits, the best kind to have!
  6. Yeah Madam Listen to me!!!!!
    Shopping? I wanna go shopping! I am just a poor girl who hasnt bought new clothes in almost 6 yrs (kids come first)
    I will give you a taste Daddy D...Just take me shopping please :) lol

    C-mon madam! He wants some of that! You know your hot so stop teasing!
    Yall are great!
  7. Dennis and the Madam pics

    heres a cute pic of Dennis and I, we do look cute together.
    actually, he was telling everyone I was his best friends at his birthday party.

  8. Shopping, Shopping, Shopping! woo hoo
  9. :D May I suggest the Bon Marche in Boise, Idaho? Best damn store to shop in
  10. Re: Dennis and the Madam pics

    Awww see what I mean everyone!!!
    Madam you know yall look cute together so why not go for it!!!
    And Madam you are so very beautiful too!
  11. Re: Dennis and the Madam pics

    Madame Suzette both you and Dennis have a golden glow about yourselves. It's a Beautiful Glow, so keep on shining and glowing you two beautiful people :wink:
  12. a glowing couple

    why thank you topaz. what a nice thing to say.
  13. Now totally confused...

  14. Dennis, all I have to say is that you are one lucky man to be around all those hot chicks all day long and Madam Suzette!! Talk about heaven. I'll be out soon to visit you all!!
  15. Re: Now totally confused...

    Hello there. actually I have known dennis for a very long time. actually on the hbo show he says I am his office wife. I hope that clears things up for you.
  16. Its funny but I never really thought about it :lol: .

    I guess its because of the way that all the other bunnies always affectionately refer to you and Dennis as 'Mommy' and 'Daddy' that I just simply assumed that the two of you were married 8) .
  17. dennis and suzette

    we do kind of look like brother and sister, in fact, we are..... we are twins!!!!!
  18. ummm yeah right...If that was the case then that would be really gross with all the BJ and sex jokes on cathouse...Ewwww...LOL
    your so crazy Madam Suzette

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