Madam for best mom

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, May 14, 2006.

  1. Madam Suez is the best mom and friend we all could have.

    We all love her very much and appreciate all the nice things she does for us every day.

    Asst Kris madam's crack asst took up a collection for mom and the response was super, she deserves it.

    The girls ended up using the money for her Hot Springs fund, looks like mom will be there a lot.

    Happy Mommies day Suez, you are as always the best.
  2. Who is the crack asst.? And what do you mean by crack? Was it when I pulled his pants down?
  4. Thanks for sharing your smile and taking a bunch of us to the Oodles and Noodles festival yesterday... I had a blast! Happy Mommies Day, kisses Fire
  5. Its Asst Kris and heard from the Bunny grapevine you pantsed him in the parlor full of bunnies.

    True or not true?
  6. That is true and he was not wearing anything underneath. Entertaining to say the least.
  7. No tighty whitey's?
  8. Nothing but his choo choo and two friends. :lol:
  9. mommy is the shiznit :) Happy soakings at the hot springs and have a blast a dillards! We all love you more than words can express.
  10. bestest mom.

    awwwwww shucks. thankski, dennis, youre the best dad. and thank you for putting together a wonder ful day for me. thank you everyone so much for thinking about me. that was the nicest present I could have ever asked for. to rejuvenate myself so I can come back and deal with all of you little brats!!!!!!! just kidding, love you all very very much. I love my bunnyranch family very much.
  11. Suzette,you could be just like my Mom.She wouldn't Breast Feed me either.She said she just wanted to be Friends..........
  12. omg lol i try to imagine kris pants down..

    too bad i didnt see that.. :lol:
  13. :D It was a sight to see.
  14. happy moms day

    thank you Dennis and all my little bunnies for the wonderful trip to Wallys Hot Springs. I went there last weekend and had a stone massage and a wonderful parafin facial and I cruzed in the hot springs. I felt and looked like a new person. thanks again

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