Lube Scam

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. WOW that is eye opening glad i do my own oil changes.

    my favorite bunny to lube me the list is too long and i would hate to leave someone out so all the bunnies will do
  2. Your right its a long list, how do you get to a short list? Blondes, Brunettes?
  3. well i am not sure yet but i guess it will cum down to a flip of the coin or maybe who wants it the most
  4. smart!

    The desire of the girl is so important.
  5. System JO is my favorite lube!!

    I also love Warm Encounter's Peach flavored lube ;)
  6. THANK GOD I dont goto Jiffy Lube for my oil changes. I goto Grease Monkey, but I keep an eye on my truck while the work is being done...NOW onto I've partyed with Erin and Valentine so they're my favorite bunnies so far, BUT, I plan on encreasing that to as many as posssible 8)
  7. dang! guess i'm really gonna have to start doing my own changes!

  8. :D :D Yes, you can rely on we bunnies for dependable service :D :D
  9. Brooke Taylor knows exactly how to lube up my equipment . She gave me an oral breifing last time I was there . Also , I was able to get my whole car inside her garage and just to make sure , went forward and reverse multiple times . What great service !!!!!!
  10. jiffy rip offs

    My sister in law went to the one in Carson City and was told she needed repairs that were just done on her car by our family mechanic!

    I will never go there!

    My favorite bunny lube is of course your driver Dan!
  11. Aren't you glad you stay with your penis when you take it in for service> ... 52183.200k .asx

    What is your favorite lube?

    Who is your favorite Bunny you want to have lube your piece of equipment?
    Dennis Hof
    The World Famous Bunnyranch
    Home Of HBO's Cathouse

    No preference with lube, but id love Jewel and Bunny Love to lube my piece together! haha


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