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Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. I was on Ghetto bird, Southwest aitlines today, I love them but god I wish they had a first class.

    I got on the plane first (they gave me a pass) then I go to the back of the plane, last row. The pilot and the stews come back and we talk and they take a few pics for the SWA magazine, everything was cool.

    Now for the bad part, drunken Mc dumbass and his chimp looking wife come past all the empty seats and sit across from me.

    Dumbass says "is that rollalong and that duffle a girl's stuff" I say "no dude its what your wife wishes you had bought her, right darling?" the says "I love that stuff"

    The guy watched people going to the bathroom saying "I love your show etc" and says to me
    "are you famous?"
    "yes I am a dancer"
    "yes a ballerina, haven't you heard of the Bunnranch Ballet?"
    "you really need to put some culture in your life"
    "Mom wanna go to the ballet? its probably expensive thats where he gets the money to buy that girls luggage"

    At this point the stews signaled me to come back to the gally where I spent the rest of the flight laughing our asses off.

    Just another day on Ghetto bird.

    Should i keep the LV luggage and buy a jet or get rid of the luggage?
  2. I would GLADLY take that luggage off your hands sweetie! Ha, Ha! :wink:
  3. louis vuitton

    Lola, if you were here, I am sure Dennis would throw you a piece or two.
  4. hahaha BUNNYRANCH BALLET! i almost pissed myself laughing
    although a private jet would be nice i mean hooters has hooters airline
    why not the bunnyranch ?fly the nude skies w/ the bunnys!
  5. I loved that luggage you had. When I saw you with it the first thing I thought was, ooo thats classy. Hehe..Love ya hun :)
  6. where did you see me? and why didn't you say hello.
  7. I saw you when I stayed with you at the Waldorf, remember? Hehe :D
  8. It's Little D from Boston with the little voice...hehe...I sent you a private message a few days ago. :D
  9. Of course I remember you, we had a good time in NYC. How are you darling?

    Pm me.
  10. Bunnyranch Ballet.... <tryiing to picture D in a tutu & toeshoes> OMFG that is so funny...

    Sorry to hear you had to fly on SW.. "the banana boat of the sky"... At least the rest of the flight was fun laughin' with the ladies. I hate SW too... took them to Miami in 2002, the longest and most uncomfortable flight there, ugh, although on the trip back I was in first class the whole way back on two separate flights, which I believe were both also SW? It was actually ok then. You would have loved it b/c the flight attendants were two smokin' HOT blondes. I chatted with them the whole way and had free champagne to douse my flight fright! It was also almost empty up front so I did not have any dumb-dumbs to deal with either.

    You are too damn cute D. Glad you had a good time taking advantage of those idiots and playin' with them! Some peeps, boy, you couldnt possibly grow those types of IQs in a lab!


    Hey, I would also GLADLY take the luggage of your hands! But seriously, keep it D, don't listen to the opinions of mental midgets hon :D
  11. Wait, on second thought, ditch the luggage, buy a jet, pick me up and bring me back for a wild party weekend at the Ranch! :D

  12. A party weekend at the Bunnyranch? sure, do you like girls? because I can't gaurantee the girls won't pass you around like a raffle ticket.
  13. A raffle ticket eh? Maybe a WINNING raffle tix...

    Yes, I have experimented a lil' with girls, although my allegience is to men... sort of between "strickly dickly" and bi? Is there are classification for that? Semi-dickly? LOL

    So, when the jet is fueled and your ready to fly, gimme a call... I assume you'll tell me what I need to pack? :D

  14. Dennis,
    I sent you a pm. Did you get it? I think I sent it 3 times by accident because I didn't know if it had gone through :)
  15. Packing list

    Great attitude.
    Nasty thoughts
  16. Resend please
  17. I sent it again. Did you get it? I'm not sure whats wrong.
  18. I just sent you another pm. did you get that one too? :)

  19. Let's see...

    Great attitude :D ... check!
    (Mizrahi) Pumps :twisted: ... check!
    Nasty thoughts :oops: ... check!

    You forgot my Chanel "Vamp" nailpolish! :wink: ... check!

    Let me ask the boss for time off, oh wait, the boss is ME... Yep, she says I can go!

    Okay, I'm packed and ready! :D

  20. 3 am? shouldn't you be watching "Cathouse" and touching yourself till you scream so loud the board can hear it?
  21. Damn straight she should! LOL
  22. Dennis,

    How about a naughty amish outcast, dressed in nothing but my Cartier perfume and the hair you like so much?! :wink:
  23. Thanks Dennis...now I'm picturing you in pink tights!!!!
  24. How about I pull that hair and slapyour butt? I can't beleive I said that I am so sorry.
  25. no you're not
  26. Dennis, you are apologizing for being nasty now? LOL

  27. Has the earth come to an end? :shock:
  28. Just thinking about it. Yes I think very nasty.

    where have you been?
  29. the world must have stopped revolving...Dennis lost track of one of his women.... :p

  30. I am still here sweetie... Guess you have been a lil' busy with new board girlies and/or fun times at the Ranch?? Hmmmm, found any cuties sweeter than me? LOL Not possible! When you finish playin' call the real 'girl next door', your Argentine Angel !! :wink:

    Or have you forgotten? :(

    Hugz n' kisses!

  31. Yes, he has.... I don't believe there are enough hours in the day to keep track of em'.... Oh what a problem to suffer from! Hee hee!

    I wonder where on this list I am now?? LOL

  32. LOL I pissed him off so I know where I am on the list.... OH well
  33. Oops, my mistake... He has not forgotten his Angel. Always luv our late-nite chats. Thanks for making my night sweetie! :D

    Kisses, MJ

  34. Seems he makes several late night calls!!

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