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  1. 8) Wife n I Lick,lol. Luv. the show.One day someday we'll BE there. We enjoy the professional attachment that you all show.We are sad that Isabella S. You know the yumme-one, we wanted to enjoy her together,Once but she's not there any more.So back to the drawing board, anyone there like her?Looks,personality,taste.Plz info US. THX Man n Wife ahunajr.[/b]
  2. There are so many good choices to make.

    I don't know where to tell you to start.

    Ck out, Audrey, Jenny Lane, Bunny, Brooke, Air force Amy or just call 1 888 bunyranch and ak for Suzette, sh ewill help you.
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    Help bunny overload lol Check out my favorite bunny Audrey shes hooooooot. Also similar to Isabella Soprano in height body type etc. They are both New Englanders as well lol

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