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  1. it's very enjoyable if done with skill :wink: i don't think that video was a demonstration of that! :D but very entertaining!!! thanx Daddy!!! :D
    thats freakin beautiful
  3. ROFDL , That was hilarious Dennis :lol:
  4. 1) Go rent Jackass: The Movie on DVD
    2) Go to Scene Selection
    3) Scene 33: Ass Rockets
    4) :D
  5. I would like to think I am a craftsman and have skill.

    What do you think?
  6. DEFINETLY! you are an artist, an ace, the expert, the creator, the master, a virtuoso, the wrote the damn book!! :D
    can i have some more? :wink: :wink:
  7. I guess he a hot ass now :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. Oh, Daddy, that was video was hilarious. Not a good image of a good anal experience. I for one love anal sex. I can cum sooooo good that way. Even just having my ass licked and teased is a true turn on. MMMMM, and I love to do the licking and teasing, and.......
  9. I had been dating this Girl for a little while and had finally convinced her to try Anal for the first time.The only stipulation being that I would stop if it hurt.I assured her that I would and we began.I banged her hard,she screamed,she wriggled,she cursed.After we were done,I rolled off,while she was curled up on the bed crying."You fucking Bastard,you said you'd stop if it hurt"." All I could say was, "It didn't hurt".............
  10. It allwys hurts at first then you get it going and OO MY GOD, its fucking great.
  11. Thank you baby.

    The girls and the clients of the BunnyRanch have a real treat coming their way, with Brooke Taylor known as goddess.

    Brooke you are a trip to paradise, what a love this girl is, omg!!!

    Guys start planning your trip around her appearance.
  12. Dex
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    Dex Active Member

    One of the funnier moments in my life.......

    I started dating this girl who was REALLY in to anal sex. I had never done it before with anybody and I didn't want to totally suck at it. So one night she tells me she wants to try it when we get home from dinner. So I said 'sure.'


    I needed some advice. 'Cause I didn't want to screw up. So I started trying to think about who I could ask when it hit me: I should call my big buddy Ubi. Who better to know about this sort of thing than a gay man!

    So I excused myself to the rest room where I used my handy dandy cell phone:

    Ubi: Hello.
    Dex: Hey 'ubes'.....I need to know everything you know about doing anal sex correctly.
    Dex: The girlfriend wants to try it.
    Ubi: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh...ok...listen up. Here's what you do:.....

    So for the next several minutes he tells me all I need to know. After I hung up with him I went back, paid the bill, took her home, and followed the directions.

    After it was over I said to her "I hope I did ok." She replied "I don't know who taught you to do that....but whoever it was needs kissed!"

    .....I never told her.

    Moral: If you need to know something, go to the experts!

  13. Ouch..... my bum bum
  14. Dex
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    Dex Active Member

    If done ouchie!

  15. awww...daddy!! :oops: you're so sweet!! you're making me blush!! :oops:
  16. welcome aboard Brooke ur a goddess :lol:
  17. Well lets do your bum bum first then we'll talk.
  18. Jenny...
    if he hurts your tushy can I rub it and make it feel better?
  19. Dex
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    Dex Active Member

    Oh I wasn't saying that you should do it......

    Just making a statement that if it hurts the screwball did it wrong. I never ask for's ok but I'm not about to try and convince someone to do it. I guess when you have had it the 'magic' is removed from it.

  20. Lets get you curious while having sex numerous times and let you suggest it.

    I am not seeing Dex taking it, I see him more as a giver, if the chick wants it and enjoying every minute of it.

    I would bet he would make a girl happy by doing a threesome with her and her best girlfriend just like I would.

    Aren't we nice? Just want you to be happy whatever that takes. You heard some the stories I was telling about my X last night, you know that's not me, but guess I will take my girl where she wants to go even if it seems a little crazy to me.
  21. Dex
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    Dex Active Member

    Now that's a good plan.

    EXACTLY! I am a "giver" I give till it meant that as an expression not that I would give a girl anal until she was in'll quit while I'm behind....moving on.

    *sigh*....well....if THAT'S what it takes.....I'll do it. A man's work is never done! :)

    Exactly......see Jenny.....your comfort is our concern!

  22. that is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life thanks for sharing it!!
  23. Did everybody miss this Bruce was being a total mean ass. i like anal and once i get into it i like it kinda ruff, but if i say stop then that's what i mean. Anal sex can be a great thing but if done wrong it could ruin your tight lil hole, and we wouldn't want that to happen. For me anal sex relives so much stress!!!!!! Oh but i must have a dong in the other hole!!!!
  24. Bruce was joking you have to know his sense of humor.

    He is sweetheart, the only thing he would hurt was a girls heart, breaking it.
  25. I have never received anal... almost had a few oops incidents... scary. It just seems like it would be very painful too.

    Who knows though... maybe one night when I'm really drunk :D
  26. Dex
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    Dex Active Member

    It's all about the guy's ability to do it right. Learn from my story: make the man get information from a gay friend first and you will be in great shape.

    ....this has been a public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood Dex.

  27. May I buy you some Champagne?
  28. I've never had anal either.. but would certainly consider it the highest bidder....
  30. LOL baby... the 70's are over... everything costs now...

    You could have had it for free when you were in Iowa....... BUUUUUUTTT...
  31. I wish I was in Iowa today.
  32. Keep the compliments coming they will keep you cummmmming.
  33. Anal is all about the " 'ations" those being Relaxation and Lubrication. I enjoy it alot, but only if the woman enjoys it as much as I do. I've found that those going into it for the very first time without ever experimenting with a toy tend to be so tense it just doesn't work. However, if they enjoy doggie-style, a couple well lubed fingers along the way can go a long way towards easing that tension, and they usually find out they really, really enjoy it once they discover just how damn good it can feel.
  34. i have nothing but compliments for you!! you are definitely the greatest thing since sliced bread!! you really do know how to keep me cumming!! :wink:

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