Last & not least, Going Out w/a Bang, A Foursome w/ Team Neo

Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by Michael, May 2, 2007.

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    A dear friend of mine, the always sweet and precious Lexi Lovelace was under the weather later on during the evening of day 2 of my trip. Therefore, we didn't have the chance to take part in Round 2. That was certainly understandable for there's always next time.

    Sensing what had just happened, one of the sweetest women on this planet, this Precious Princess by the name of Jenny Lane come up with a clever surprise that would make more than Clint Eastwood's day.

    I was asked by Ms. Lane how would I like to be the first person to be able to claim to have partied with Team Neo. This is just like the chance to work for Donald Trump, an offer I could not refuse. Indeed what a surprise this was and one that I consider to be the greatest, happiest surprise of my entire life. Words are not enough to describe how much of a big heart Jenny has and how much integrity she has. She deserves all the credit in the world. What a fun, sweet young lady.

    This party started in the hot tub. Wow! Me in the hot tub with 3 very hot women: Jenny, Laci Ann and this hottie with short blond hair by the name of Savannah, this party being you guessed it right, a foursome!. Ms. Savannah is incredibly gorgeous, upbeat and carrys many loads of fun. I'm in eternal awe and lust of this fine trio.

    OK, back to the story, we start off in the hot tub, being the volcano of passion thanks to this awesome threesome, my channeled energy erupts to heights not able to be reached by thousands of redwood trees stacked on top of each other.

    These ladies were great in building my anticipation, the best anxiety one can ever experienced. Kentucky Fried Chicken could never match better tasting breasts. Deja Vu could never produce strip dancers this good. After the anticipation, we were about to begin our real deal.

    Jenny, being the classic romantic that she is, presented Ms. Savannah with a Rose. After we all disrobed, I then liftred each lady into my arms one by one and place each one of them in our bed of love. Then, they decide to get a little naughty and take advantage of my carcass. For a moment, I thought I was being kidnapped or arrested because for some strange reason, :wink:, I was being tied up to the bed. Those darn teases.

    Jenny gave me a massive tickling not seen since the day of Bunners being tickled on Cathouse.

    They teased my brain and they teased my package. For some reason, I thought we were about to have some strawberry shortcake because someone brought a can of whipped cream. I did a lot of eating of this whipped cream directly from high quality peak-a-boobies from not one, not two but yes all three members of team NEO. Yes, I'm a lucky B-astard.

    Then, Team NEO were in mutual agreement that I had been a Model Prisoner and gave me parole. Upon my release, they rewarded my Model Behavior with lots of lovin' that most people never get. We all did lots of things a lot. My guess is that they were preparing me for the Olympics coming up next year, lol.

    Finally, the end had arrived, I was very sad to see the best time of my life reach it's ending. However, I'll say this, Jenny, you are right, we partied like Rock Stars. Gene Simmons would be very proud.

    You ladies are too generous and good hearted. I'm so proud and honored to know all three of you. This was the Peak of the mountain as far as trip 2 is concerned. I will never ever forget you ladies for as long as I live. Partying with each of you no matter what kind of party will always be mind boggling for me cause each of you bring powerfully skilled foreplay and love making to the bedroom when those doors close and it's time to play.

    Your friendships are too valuable and precious. I'm very sad being home right now. But with the memories of this experience brings repetitive smiles with heartwarming joy thinking about this tremendous experience.

    I love each one of you ladies. A big thank you, cyber kiss and cyber hug for a precious personal history I'll never forget. I'll be back soon enough.
  2. I was waiting for the report Michael. I envy you, my friend. The Bunny Ranch has first class ladies. I know I'll meet Laci for sure, when I visit but I wouldn't mind meeting Jenny and Savanah. Savanah and Jenny always seem to upbeat and fun.

    All 3 of these ladies are first class all the way.

    All in all.. i'm happy for you, my friend.
  3. michael

    glad to hear u had a blast Michael.... have a safe trip back from bunnyland sweets!
  4. kevinz0071
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    I would havew needed the emts to restart me after that party awesome report
  5. Hot diggity dog Michael !!! That sounds like one hell of a party. You weren't walking funny afterword were you? I can't wait till July, when I head to the ranch.
  6. Michael
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    Re: michael

    And I look forward to my next trip to Bunnyland. See you this December.
  7. Michael
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    Michael Active Member

    I needed all the kingdom's horses and all the king's men to put me back together again after the most exciting adrenaline rush I ever went through. Thanks.
  8. Michael
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    Michael Active Member

    I was lucky to even walk at all. Those ladies were wonderful and incredible beyond my wildest dreams.

    You are in for the time of your life this July, my friend. That's a guarantee.
  9. It is reading stories like this that keep the dream of going to the 'Ranch alive for a lot of us. ... Well I cant speak for others, but it keeps the dream alive for me any way.
    Thanks for posting your experience !!!!
  10. Michael
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    If I made this happen, I know you can too, Jimbo. Thank you for the nice comments. I appreciate it.

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