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  1. Dennis Hof/Madam Suzette;

    You indicate that there are women at the Bunny Ranch who lactate. I would like to know who they are, are there photos of them I could look at, and how would I contact them if I wanted to get to know them and/or schedule a party?
  2. Click the bunnybabes link at the top and take your pick of which of the beautiful ladies you would like to party with. Click their picture and you will find more pictures in their "profile" page. From there you will see a "Contact Me" link in which you will click and fill out the information. That will send an email to that particular bunny.
  3. It sounds to me that he has a specific fantasy he wants to fulfill. I see nothing wrong with him asking for which ladies may be capable of fulfilling that particular fantasy before contacting them as most of the bunnies probably cannot meet that requirement. Otherwise I think the suggestion to PM and ask is generally valid when wanting to fulfill most other fantasies.

    So if anyone has insight as to who may fulfill the OPs fantasy, please PM him or post.

  4. Very True. My apologies :D
  5. i have a question: what does lactate mean??
  6. I do believe lactate means being able to produce milk from the breasts.
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    Generally, that is correct...more specifically, it is the excretion of milk containing lactose (sugar) from the mammary glands...The reason I'm being more specific is that I don't think you would call a cow's udders, breasts or any other mammal's mammary glands breats, for that matter.
  8. Good Call are dead on

  9. Thanks for being more specific. I had to run so I couldn't give a very detailed explanation. Short, sweet, and to the point is good enough lol
  10. lol 0okae thanks everybody.

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