Laci Ann scratched our seven year itch.

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  1. As most of you may already know Jeff and I had our first Brothel visit on July 18th, and met with the beautiful LACI ANN! Our trip was planned for our seven year anniversary...we figured why not take care of our seven year itch TOGETHER?! And boy was that a wonderful idea!

    Upon arriving at the Ranch I was so nervous I thought I was going to shake right out of my skin...and I think it was obvious cause my OCD and my mouth just wouldn't stop being stupid!! Well anyways, as soon as we walked in the door we were greeted by Laci Ann...I know that she keeps her identity discreet on the site...but guys this woman is a beautiful red haired KNOCK OUT!! I was very drawn to her smile...what a beautiful smile! She recognized Jeff and I right away and I was greeted with such a warm friendly hug. But I REALLY needed a drink...and "stage left entrance" KRIS!! WOW...what a hottie..and he made me the most wonderful drink...if you are curious, it is his secret mix! He took very good care of Jeff and I at the bar. I meet Speed and Rapid from the board and chat room...two wonderful wonderful men! And Laci introduced me to all the bunnies that were around the bar. And everyone of them so very nice and kind. My head was going to EXPLODE from all the nice compliments I was given.
    When all the formalities were over, Jeff and I were lead to Laci's room where she had a wonderful suprize waiting for me. She had taken time to create a CD for me with all the music that I had mentioned (weeks prior) in a BR Thread that I had always wanted to have sex to. She made that fantasy happen for me..and the CD went home with me as well (what a perfect way to keep a wonderful memory). When it came down to business I was very nervous and didn't really know what to do..Laci reassured me, and made it all very comfortable to ease into. And I enjoyed EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY OF THIS NATURAL BEAUTY!! SHE IS SO VERY INTOXICATING, I ALMOST COULDN'T GET ENOUGH OF HER!! Eventually the akwardness disappeared and things got pretty heated up. Hands, mouths and tongues everywhere!! It was AWESOME! Before it was time to end this heaven on earth, It was my turn to give Jeff what he needed...and there is nothing sweeter than to ride my husband while being caressed by a beautiful woman...OH MY F'ING G--. My only REGRET? Not having enough funds...not having enough time! Laci Ann is a woman that demands SO MUCH MORE TIME!!
    This experience was the most wonderful experience my husband and I have ever shared...right up there with our marriage and the birth of our kids. For us, as a married couple, to share such an experience is like nothing we have ever experienced before. And we plan on doing it again...the hard part? Having to wait (in order to save up) for our next trip, which most likely will only come once a year...and it stings my eyes with the wanting to shed tears to have to say that! LOL
    To Laci are now a permanant part of our the way of a memory that will be cherished everyday of our lives. We wll be old and wrinkled sitting in our rocking chairs speaking of the beautiful Laci Ann, remembering you and the time we spent together, until the day both Jeff and I are in Gods warm hands in heaven.
    Much love and tremendous thanks
    ~Stephenie & Jeffrey B.
    Altus, Oklahoma
    July 18, 2007
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    Steph, I'm so glad you had a great experience for your anniversary with the BEAUTIFUL LACI ANN! She is a amazing person who will always take take of you and is great to be around. There are really no words to describe her because she's that special of a person. I still get a big smile when I think of my time with her. I'm very happy you and your husband enjoyed your time out there! GREAT REPORT!
  3. Steph,

    Glad to hear you had such a wonderful time! II regret me 7 Dior (my wife) couldn't meet you guys at the bar. Oh well there's always next time. Like you we are saving up for our trip to the Ramnch. After reading your report laci Ann deffinately is on the top of ourr list (along with another). If you guys ever head out this way let us know. well got to go. I'll see you in chat latter on & hopefully in person sometime soon. bbfn *skoYc*


    P.S.: You think Kris knows howw to make a "pink palace"? It's one of the trademark cocktails (along with their pink bear) from the Royal Hawai'ian & one of the few my wife actually drinks.
  4. Glad to hear you had such a great time, Steph! :) No surprise there I suppose, but nice to hear about peoples' experiences at the ranch, and I'm glad yours was as enjoyable as it sounds like it was. ;)
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    Awesome to read about your terrific experience, Steph. Your report further reiterates that place being an Oasis in the Middle of the Desert.
  6. Hey sweet,
    I am so happy that you and your husband had a great time at he ranch. HAPPY 7TH ANNIVERSARY girlfriend! This will be a day and year you will NEVER EVER forget with beautiful LACI-ANN. What an awesome experience and report you gave. It makes me want to go there even more....and yes I think Kris is a hottie too.

    Love ya girl
    Neva :wink:
  7. Steph,

    Let me first say that Jeff is one lucky guy. To have such a wonderful wife like you is a blessing for marriage.

    Now this is a great post. I had the pleasure of meeting Laci on my last visit. She is all you describe and more. It is her welcoming personality that makes her that much more attractive. I can't wait for my next trip to see and maybe party with her. I am happy that yall (Laci's draw) had a great time.

    Shavd 8)
  8. Wow!

    Thank you! What an amazing journal of your experience. I've been searching through the bunny ranch site since I saw a glimpse of it on HBO a couple weekends ago. What an intriguing place. My husband and I will be near there in the Fall and I thought it would be a wild experience for us! It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one that wants to do this for my husband. Thank you for the glowing referral for Laci! Y'all have a great relationship! I like to think my husband and I do too! We love to explore things together. How did you choose Laci? How were you in touch with her before you met?
  9. Thanks Shavd hope we can work in a party. Looking forward to your return.
  10. So do I Laci. [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]

    Shavd 8)
  11. Re: Wow!

    Curiousgirl...first let me apologize for not getting back to you sooner. It is not often that I check this Post. I think that this experience would be a WONDERFUL one for you and your husband to have together! I have found and have been contacted by MANY other couples regarding a shared trip to the Bunny Ranch with their spouse. You would be suprised at just how many couples wish to experience this joy with each other!
    As for Laci Ann...the decision was based on her correspondence with me via email and the chat room. She was one of the first to send me greetings when I initially joined the Ranch site. So to answer your question about being in touch with her before our trip, yes we were. I believe for several months before our trip out there. It made meeting her seem more like revisiting an old friend. And it also gave her an opportunity to get to know Jeff and I better.
    Valentine was also another Bunny who had contacted me on the onset of my explorations here on the Bunny Site. She is also a wonderfully exciting woman who is as kind as she is beautiful. My advice to you is to either choose a Bunny that you find appealing physically and PM her. Get to know her better and make your choice based on that. Or you can simply paroose the Board and the chat rooms. You can get a pretty good vibe as to the personalities of the Bunnys there as well.
    For Jeff and I, our choice was based more so on the character and personality of the Bunny rather than OUR physical likes/dislikes. For us, the "inside" of the package has to be as beautiful as the outside package. If that makes sense. However, I have not met or seen a Bunny that was NOT all of these things, so I must regretfully tell you that the Bunny search process IS NOT and easy one. But that is why we will continue to go back!! AND HOW MUCH FUN IS THAT!!? LOL

    Good luck to you and your husband hunnie!! It will be an experience that you will both treasure for a lifetime!! With that said, YOU MUST GO! LOL :D

    ~Steph (SS)

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