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  1. So I was wondering what it takes to get you guys here to visit us beautiful Ladies???
  2. Time and money for me !!

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    8) If I am in Nevada for business or a vacation, which usually occurs about twice a year, Visiting the ranch is always right near the top of my
    " things to do list". Even if I have to ride for a half a day or so it's worth it.
    With all due respect to the beautiful ladies working at the ranch I would never get on a plane and fly cross country to Carson City via Reno, just to party. I suppose if I lived in " East Bum Fuck Nowhere " I might. But the fact is I live in south Florida about an hour from South Beach, so going
    anywhere else JUST to " party" with beautiful women would be ridiculous. :wink:
  4. It's great that you do visit us thou so no worries for me maybe one day we will meet I love South Beach I had a wild time when I was there for X-Mas and New Years in 04-05 good times....
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  6. Your rules are good rules!!! So maybe I'll see you in a line up sometime. Muah...
  7. I don't know what the layout of the bunny ranch is but what about onsite buildings so weekenders can walk rather than ride there. Besides the only riding there would be is with a bunny of course. :p :p :p
  8. I like the way you think triker

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    8) Thanks Chili ,
    Are those chicks in that picture lining up to taste your Chili? Women like a guy who knows his way around a kitchen, that's for sure.
    I had every opportunity to learn how to cook. From a genuine Italian mother and a genuine Italian Grandmother. But I didn't seize the opportunities. I know how to prepare something that's palatable, but the great tasting cuisine that my Grandmother and mother prepared is nothing but a memory now.

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