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  1. I have been offered a multi book deal by Haper Collins Books, the first book will be done by their celebrity division Judith reagan Publishing.

    Check me out in a suit.


    They have convinced me its time to tell the real story.

    Judith did books on a lot of people and they became best sellers.

    Howard Stern's books

    Gen. Tommy franks

    Sean Hannity


    Amber Frye

    Jenna Jameson

    Allen Colmes

    and many others, Judith is also th executive producer of growing up Gotti.

    I think you should do the book and become a best selling author to add to your list of accomplishments. Im sure it will be a hit from the word go.

    You look very distinguished in the suit by the way--love the tie.

    Go Get Em Big Daddy-Taking NYC by storm-like I knew you would:)

  3. Sexy! I'm loving the suit!!
  4. Major congrats, Dennis.

    Do you need a ghost author by any chance? (I need an excuse to buy a laptop)
  5. Great news =)

    Can't wait to read it.
  6. cool Dennis i must get a copy signed by you.
  7. I can see it now written by

    "Nice guy Eddie"
  8. Seriously, is it going to be a biography (written by someone else about you?) or an autobiography (your recollections and impression of your life with someone else doing the writing)?

    Bios tend to be taken more seriously because the writer is not just taking the person's word for it but doing research and talking to people who knew you throughout your life and conveying their impressions, as opposed to your version of events.
  9. I will bring this up in an e mail to Judith and see what she says.

  10. Do you have a writer yet?
  11. we have had talks with Bob Zmuda the founder of comic relief and Andy Kaufmans partner he was co ex producer with Danny Devito on the movie
    "Man in the Moon"

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