Jenna Lee

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Anonymous, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Im really into sex and really into the Bunny Ranch and the whole consept of it. I sent pictures to Madam Suzette and to Dennis i really hope they get them and like what they see and i hope they call me and bring me into my dream and make it come true, I would love to make money doing something i love and i belive strongly with my talent of Oral and sex that i would be an asset to the company. Im very good at what i do and i have goals with what i would do while being a working Girl! i Belive responding to me would be a great thing for The Ranch! I would be soo proud. And so into my work. I would think of it as a job and the best job i ever had if i could only get the chance to become a bunny!

    Anyone else that has the same dream as me write me and we can become friends and any bunnys that like to chat with Wishful thinkers pm me and we can become friends as well! Just wanted to add that i really like Air Force Amy, Shes great and just like me. I sent pictures in already and will be adding one of myself on here as soon as i can. I just hope they get my pictures and like what they see. To answer the phone and Hear Dennis or Madam Suzette would be a dream all in its own! Even if they had Air Force Amy call me i think i would get off on that alone!

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