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  1. After my party with the beautiful Ruby Rae I wanted to speak with the infamous Jade Capri. Met her again last year at the CMWC when she was at Mustang and she was soo nice that I wanted to party with her at least once as a bucket list item.

    Wanted to talk with her back in Nov when she came back to LRN but she was unavailable but I did get to meet the lovely Ada Marie and partied with her.
    Review is here.

    Well I finally got my wish and was able to talk and party with Jade. Was able to massage her calves and man were they "tight" in a bad way. I caused a little "pain" while massaging and had go be very careful not to hurt her "too" much. :) We scheduled an appointment for the next morning before heading back home and boy was I happy to finally party with her.

    Came in the next day, and in a few minutes Jade came out. Paid at the window but I was still a little shocked that I was now going to party with Jade. Went to the room and she said get comfortable and I'll get ready. Jade came out with a beautiful "teddy" on which I proceeded to remove slowly. ;-) What went on afterward was a little bit of a blur but she directed me at certain stages and suggested activities which I was happy to "follow". haha. After our party we continued to talk and she's just a lovely person.

    She has her own website ( for more information and she also has podcasts which gives you more insight into her personality as well as other ladies also. (

    You all need to meet and party with this multiple COY winner.
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    [smilie=hi ya!.gif]Nice review!
    Glad you had a great time with Jade! ;)
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    great review jakester
    - glad to hear that you got a bucket list check off :)
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    I am so happy you were back and glad to know you had a great time when you didn't find me here that time.
    You are one strong man and know exactly where to massage me. That felt so good even though if was a tad painful.
    I had such a wonderful time with you and I am sure you know it. You are very giving and thoughtful and I hope there will be a next time for us as I enjoy your company immensely.
    Thank you so much for posting and for listen to the podcast.
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    I love your review!!! Thanks for sharing!!![smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]

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