Isabelle and the twins

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  1. Where is Isabella Soprano? Is she still there? What about the twins Joselyn and crystal whatever happened there? :p [/quote]
  2. [/quote]

    Isabella is growing organic vegetables.

    The twins are in LA being the twins. The two of them together were a handfull for me.
  3. No WAY! is she really farming! That's awesome! If that is true about Isabella Soprano then it's just another reason to LOVE her!
    Dennis, you must be joking to say anyone could wear YOU out!?!?!
  4. as far as I've always been told, Isabella Soprano is off doing adult movies but that's an awful good question about Jocelyn and Crystal.

    xoxoxoxo D
  5. Isabella did some movies and got caught up in that life and it was a disaster, she is not doing films, farming.
  6. Wow, that's horrible to hear it went so badly for Isabella, since she seems to be a real sweetheart on the show. I hope everything turns out good for her from whatever happened.
  7. That REALLY stinks to hear about Isabella! It sounds like she's doing well now, though & that's what matters. She seems SO wonderful!
    O, Dennis, nice way to dodge my :?: about the twins. I REALLY don't believe you could get worn out by anyone, but I guess two.... well, that might be a different story! :eek:
  8. So seriously, Isabella is a farmer? What do you farm exactly in Boston/Massachusetts? Thats bizarre but, good for her
  9. I think its New Hampshire and thats what HBO told me, they stay in touch, they would like to see her in the new season.
  10. I think its New Hampshire and thats what HBO told me, they stay in touch, they would like to see her in the new season.[/quote]\

    I can't even imagine how sick you are of fielding questions about Isabella Soprano. eh?
  11. Yes Dennis, I'm sure you're sick of the Isabella questions its just nice to hear something different from, "She's doing adult movies, we'll let you know when she comes back." So does that mean that HBO is hoping to put Isabella in this season of Cathouse, the one that just finished filming? In like a where are they now segment?
  13. Trust me, Big Daddy D, if I'd had a twin, I'd be all about you! You're scrumptious! :wink:
  14. Well Dennis I think twins are the perfect fit for you well know my twin and I think you are awesome but for now the pregnant one of us is out of commission......BUMMER!


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