is dennis available

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  1. i wish i was younger..i would apply to the ranch in a heart beat.
    i am a female wondering if dennis is available to "party". this isn't just a
    passing question to be funny. i am really inquiring to see if a girl can party with him.
    thanks so much for the show. it shows just how professional yet
    personable everyone is there.
    keep up the good work. and thanks in advance for your reply.
  2. ty

    good advice baby! I cant wait to find out the final day when im gonna arrive... :?
  3. Re: ty

    neither can I.... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.. plus I love seeing you smile. [smilie=mylove.gif] [smilie=love together.gif]
  4. ty

    thanks dean, ill let ya and everyone know soon as i know! :wink:
  5. Re: ty

    you'll always have my support... thats what friends are for ! F4L (friends for life)

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