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Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by auron79, Aug 27, 2005.

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    Mr. Hof and Miss Suzette,
    As busy as you two are,is it possible to meet both of you when clients visit. It would be so great to introduce myself to talk or just to say thank you.
  2. If I am in town you will meet me, I have have met the nicest people at the ranch, just let me know when your visiting.

    Suzette is chained to the parlor it only reahes to her office so she will be there.
  3. I also am dying to meet Dennis and Suzette and I will be coming in October, my first time at the Bunny Ranch cannot be without them there!!!!!!! :D Am I allowed to bring my camera and get a pic???
  4. SURE bring the camera, bring a video and we can make nasty home movies (just kidding)

    I will have a big B day party join us, and no you can't spank me, I DO THE SPANKING and I am real good at it. Real good.
  5. Well...actually Im coming for my bday!!!!! So, I guess youll be doing the spankngs!!! 28 of em...mmmmmmmmmmm! :D
  6. visiting the bunnyranch

    Of course you can come and visit, everyone can. we are open 24-7. try to stop in at one of our tea parties. every thurs at 3.

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