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  1. Colette Wingtouched
    Chat with Me

    Colette Wingtouched Kinkster Extraordinaire

    1. Name: Colette Wingtouched
    2. What do you do in your spare time: Play video games, read, draw a little, play board games(Dungeons and Dragons, Munchkins, and the like), sew, go to conventions, hangout with friends, and lots more!
    3. What are your turn on's? Light switches- I mean. Humor is a big turn on for me, as well as intelligence.
    4. What are your turn off's? Ignorance, selfishness, greed, and an unwillingness to grow as a person.
    5. What is your favorite song? My favorite song changes a lot, depending on my mood and who I am around. Sometimes it's 500 Miles by The Proclaimers, other times it might be Help by Papa Roach, or even Shake It Off by Taylor Swift.
    6. What's your favorite color? All of them.
    7. What's your favorite food? Ice cream, hands down. Or mashed potatoes.
    8. What color are your panties? I'm not wearing any~
    9. Do you have any pets? I have a step-puppy and a step-kitty, Xerxes and Garbanzo Bean.
    10. What is your favorite position? Well.. It really depends on the person, but I do love riding.
    11. Did you attend college/are you in college? I'm currently taking a break from my studies in psychology.
    12. What is something that you hate to do? I hate doing the dishes... It is never ending, like laundry except without the nice smell and warmth from freshly dried clothes.
    13. What's something that you love to do? I love to be on my computer- whether it's playing a game, learning how to code more effectively, or just fooling around on it.
    14. Do you curse? In a word- fuck.
    15. Who is your favorite fictional character? If we are referring to just books, it would have to be Hermione from Harry Potter. If it can be from a video game, it would be Travis Grady from Silent Hill: Origins.
    16. What always puts you to sleep? Watching a movie while laying down. Puts me out like a light, lol.
    17. If you could own any animal and have it fully domesticated, what would you own? A raccoon.
    18. Do you prefer the rain or the sun? I prefer the rain, I'm very sensitive to the sunlight.
    19. Do you have any siblings? Yes, I have an older and younger sister.
    20. What's your favorite movie? Stay Alive, I really enjoy horror movies.
    21. What's your favorite book? It isn't a book, it's a series, and that series is Harry Potter.
    22. Do you have any tattoos? Yes, I have multiple tattoos. My most recent ones are Leafeon, Sylveon, and Ombreon.
    23. Do you have any piercings? Yes, I have my ears and lip pierced. I used to have the bridge of my nose pierced but had to take it out.
    24. What is your bra size? 34G
    25. What is your favorite kind of gift? A practical one. I love getting gifts that I can use in every day life.
    26. What made you interested in this line of work? Well, I started camming in 2015, started stripping this year, and it kind of just progressed from there. I find this work to be very... interesting. It's different, yet normal at the same time.
    27. What is your favorite part of your body? My eyes. They are very telling to how I'm feeling.
    28. If you could be anything, what would you be? I'd be a pediatrician or a nurse.
    29. What are your favorite smells? I love the smell of new tires, freshly cut grass, and vanilla.
    30. Who is your favorite Marvel character? Gambit.
    31. Who is your favorite DC character? Poison Ivy.
    32. What is one of your biggest dreams? To become a mother.
    33. What other jobs have you had? I've been an assistant teacher, I worked as a nanny for almost six years, camgirl, stripper, technical analyst, fraud prevention specialist- wide range of jobs, lol.
    34. What stresses you out? To pick one thing: not having enough time to finish something, or at least the feeling that I can't finish something in time.
    35. Are you having a tough time coming up with questions? YES, YES I AM.
    36. Do you have short or long hair? I have short hair. But I love wigs~
    37. Do you have natural hair or dyed hair? I generally dye my hair different colors, currently it's a neutral brown but that might change before I get out there.
    38. Is your hair curly or straight? My hair is straight as an arrow.
    39. Do you do any drugs? Just what my doctor prescribes me.
    40. Do you drink? No, I have only ever had one drink in my entire life and it was less than fulfilling, lol.
    41. What is your favorite thing to wear? Nothing, but if I have to wear clothes I like to be comfy so leggings or baggy sweat pants and tshirts or sweatshirts.
    42. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Definitely a night owl- I love the dark and I love being up when few people are around.
    43. What is your favorite thing to drink? I looooove white grape sparkling cider. Not any other kind of cider, just that kind.
    44. What's your favorite thing to do on your phone? Text people. I like to talk. :p
    45. Are you close with your family? Yes, I'm very close with my family.
    46. What are you currently watching on Netflix? Well, I really need to get caught up on Supernatural... sooo Supernatural. Or House of Cards, I need to get caught up on that too.
    47. Do you think anyone is going to read all of this? Well, if they do, fucking hats off to them.
    48. What are your political views? LOL next.
    49. What is your sexuality? I'm bisexual, I have had both boyfriends and girlfriends in the past.
    50. What is your weakness? Cute things....
    51. Who is the most important person to you? I actually have two equally important people, and they are the two little ones I used to nanny and still take care of from time-to-time.
    52. What is something weird about you? I don't like fish. Or birds. I just don't trust them... Just kidding, I don't like that they have an advantage in a certain terrain.
    53. Did you just hit the back button on accident an almost lose all of this work? YES, YES I DID.
    54. What is the most annoying thing about you? As my roommate tells me, "that you're asking this question."
    55. Are you an organ donor? Yes, I'd like to be recycled after I die.
    56. Is this getting easier or more difficult? MORE DIFFICULT.
    57. Where is your favorite place to get kissed? My forehead.
    58. What's your favorite video game? Currently, Subnautica. It's an amazing indie game for the PC, and also now on the Xbox One(but it's better on the PC).
    59. What is your favorite animal? ALL OF THEM.
    60. What do you think would be the worst way to die? By doing something really stupid, like something someone told me not to do but I had to be sassy and do it anyway.
    61. What is your biggest fear? Psh, I ain't telling you that.
    62. Where did you grow up? The South West.
    63. Are you all natural or shaven? I'm shaven.
    64. Digimon or Pokemon? Well, I grew up with Digimon but I have Pokemon tattooed on me sooo... Kind of even?
    65. What is an interesting fact about you? I love to sew and make cosplays! I go to conventions dressed in costumes that I make :)
    66. ONLY THREE TO GO! That is not a question- that is a statement.
    67. Where is your favorite place to be touched? My neck, my hands, or my lips.
    68. Where is your favorite place to visit? The fridge.
    69. You win! Now you get to ask me a question rather than reading what I've come up with.
  2. grizzly
    Chat with Me

    grizzly Well-Known Member

    Hello Colette

    Very interesting facts..i enjoyed reading all 69...

    In response to # 69 here are my questions:

    #65- what has been your most favorite cosplay? Your hardest costume to create?

    #32 how many children do you want?

    #1 how did you choose your name?

    #24 how hard is it to find a bra for your cup size..

    Do you have any cosplay photos you are willing to share?

    Once again welcome
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  3. The tattoo that can see in the picture on your that the same as what Sam and Dean have in their chest?
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  4. CaseyCross
    Chat with Me

    CaseyCross California girl in a Nevada world

    That is funny!

    I completely agree with you. Humor & intelligence make for great conversation, oh so sexy!

    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  5. BigAlbowski
    Chat with Me

    BigAlbowski Well-Known Member

    You had me a Dungeons and Dragons!![smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
    And Conventions?... Sci fi cons?
    [smilie=i love you1.gif]
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  6. Colette Wingtouched
    Chat with Me

    Colette Wingtouched Kinkster Extraordinaire

    65. Favorite cosplay... Hmm... Probably Cassiopeia from League of Legends in her Mythic Skin- also the hardest!
    32. Honestly, I've been in child care so long I could take care of twenty at a time BUT I'd honestly settle for one to begin with. Test the waters, see how it goes, y'know lol.
    1. My back tattoo. It's of wings from a video game and the character is called Colette :)
    24. FUCKING DIFFICULT. Oh my god, I hate it.
    I do actually! But it's of a silly cosplay. xD
    Thank you <3

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  7. Colette Wingtouched
    Chat with Me

    Colette Wingtouched Kinkster Extraordinaire

    Exactly! It's an antipossession tattoo! I love Supernatural :)
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  8. Colette Wingtouched
    Chat with Me

    Colette Wingtouched Kinkster Extraordinaire

    Right?! I could careless what someone looks like so long as I can actually hold a conversation with them.
  9. Colette Wingtouched
    Chat with Me

    Colette Wingtouched Kinkster Extraordinaire

    Haha, does that mean I now have an advantage over you? Do I get to roll two D20's? :p
    Yup! Sci fi, anime, comic book- all of them :)
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  10. origlegman
    Chat with Me

    origlegman Well-Known Member

    ;)[smilie=happy.gif][smilie=hi ya!.gif]You sound like one fascinating woman!!! I'm looking forward to meeting and getting to know you!!![smilie=hi ya!.gif][smilie=happy.gif];)[smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  11. Colette Wingtouched
    Chat with Me

    Colette Wingtouched Kinkster Extraordinaire

    Aww, thank you! I'm excited to get down there!
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  12. I'm a huge fan of Supernatural as well. I have dots tattooed on my palms to represent the pentagram as well.
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  13. Colette Wingtouched
    Chat with Me

    Colette Wingtouched Kinkster Extraordinaire

    That's awesome!! Are you in Love Ranch North? I'd love to see it!!
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  14. LOL I'm not a working lady, I'm a client.
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  15. Colette Wingtouched
    Chat with Me

    Colette Wingtouched Kinkster Extraordinaire

    Oh shit. I thought you were a girl because of your signature!! Sorry! xD
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  16. LOL I'm actually quite used to had been a while but a lot of people had thought that because of the various signatures I've had. The lady in my signature is @JadeCapri of Love Ranch North. I'm just a client who's been around since 2010.
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  17. Colette Wingtouched
    Chat with Me

    Colette Wingtouched Kinkster Extraordinaire

    Oh okay :) That's the ranch I'll be at!
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  18. Cool. When do you start working there?
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  19. Colette Wingtouched
    Chat with Me

    Colette Wingtouched Kinkster Extraordinaire

    From what I've been told, I'm taking appointments on June 23rd. :)
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  20. Nice...only three days before my birthday. You'll love the girls there at LRN, especially Jade and Riley...beautiful ladies with beautiful souls.
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  21. Colette Wingtouched
    Chat with Me

    Colette Wingtouched Kinkster Extraordinaire

    You going to spend your birthday at the Ranch?
    I'm so glad you say that! That's one of my biggest worries- that the other girls won't like me.
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  22. Roadster1200
    Chat with Me

    Roadster1200 Well-Known Member

    Glad to have you with us, and from what I've read (I did read the whole thing) you sound pretty damn awesome!
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  23. No, I won't be there this year for my birthday but next year I will be.

    Nah, you'll be fine. I'm sure there will be a couple awkward moments but that's normal when meeting new people. Jade and Riley are my favorite ladies there at LRN. Roxanne Price and Casey Cross are great ladies as well. So is Catrina Costa. Oh! And Lexie James too. I think you'll be in good hands.
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  24. Colette Wingtouched
    Chat with Me

    Colette Wingtouched Kinkster Extraordinaire

    Awww, thank you >.< I'm just trying to be myself! Lol
  25. Colette Wingtouched
    Chat with Me

    Colette Wingtouched Kinkster Extraordinaire

    I'm sure I will be :) So far I have heard nothing but good things!
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  26. It's a really good place, a very relaxed atmosphere. It's my favorite place there with Sagebrush being right up there with it. I followed you on Twitter by the way :)
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  27. Colette Wingtouched
    Chat with Me

    Colette Wingtouched Kinkster Extraordinaire

    Aw, thank you!! I appreciate that :)
  28. grizzly
    Chat with Me

    grizzly Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the reply! You will fit in quite well at the LRN, there are a few ladies who are into cosplay. You will fit in nicely in my opinion. Thank you for taking time to answer the questions I had for you.
    It is awesome getting to know the ladies, what they are about.. Cant wait to meet you when I return this fall/winter
  29. Colette Wingtouched
    Chat with Me

    Colette Wingtouched Kinkster Extraordinaire

    No worries! Thank you so much for asking questions! :) Hope I get to meet you sometime soon!
  30. @Colette Wingtouched . You're quite an interesting person. I noticed for #33, you were a technical analyst? Did you work for a stock trading firm?
  31. Colette Wingtouched
    Chat with Me

    Colette Wingtouched Kinkster Extraordinaire

    No, I worked for a web hosting company. :) I was a tier two and did coaching mostly for the new employees(even though technically I was still new).
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  32. roxanneprice
    Chat with Me

    roxanneprice •Discreet •Professional •Companionship

    Can we spend our spare time together please? :p
  33. Colette Wingtouched
    Chat with Me

    Colette Wingtouched Kinkster Extraordinaire

    Are you at Love Ranch North?? I'd love to!
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  34. DesertRose
    Chat with Me

    DesertRose Renaissance Lady's Rendezvous!

    We seem to have a lot in common lovely!
  35. Colette Wingtouched
    Chat with Me

    Colette Wingtouched Kinkster Extraordinaire

    Ooo! Tell me! What do we have in common??
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