In NYC Noc 14th

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. The Bunny Team rolled into NYC today.

    Tonight we all went out to Lucky Cheng's the restaurant that has all tranny's
    serving you and entertaining everyone, what a gas, Brooke Taylor ended in the the show OMG, it was so funny.

    Next stop Club Shelter for Lil Jon's party, this was a crazy as all his parties.
    We did it up right and of course Jon and I were getting everyone wound up that made it even more nuts.

    Next stop Nikki Beach. I just hosted a party at Nikki Beach in Cabo San Lucas, it was fun and a huge success, over 1500 attended. We were greeted by the owners and had a really fun time.

    We missed out on Snoop's party at Stereo because its a school night, we have to get up at 5 to do the Howard Stern show and 14 others the rest of the day, ending with an appearance on Fox News, Hannity & Colmes show.

    Listen to your radio, watch TV and see what the Bunny's and I are up to.
  2. :D It sounds like you had alot of fun, Dennis! I hope I will get to see the bunnies on Hannity & Colmes because the last time they were on, I tried to record the show on my VCR, but, I wasn't able to :D
  3. That explains how come you were so hard to get ahold of... Just wanted to say Happy Birthday. I tried calling but it went straight to your naughty voice mail. Hope it was a great birthday babe. Hope you got my message.
  4. thanks baby, may I spank you for my B day? I like to give not get.

    I am a giving kind of guy.
  5. OMG! That restaurant was HO much fun!!!

    I thought I made a terrific woman-pretending-to-be-a-man-dressed-as-a-woman!!!

    Spanks for the suggestion, Mommy!!! 8)

    And SPANKS!! for taking us, Daddy!!! :wink:

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