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  1. Is identification required at the bunny ranch or can you be completely anonymous?
  2. Well you have to show how old you are to get in or to have a drink, no minors its the law! 8)
  3. now, i'm disappointed :oops:
  4. Why
  5. Not exactly what I was asking. I wanted to know if everyone has to submit ID and if the information recorded on file somewhere. If so, how long is it kept if there is no further activity?
  6. If someone forgets their ID, are they forced to cut off a leg so you can count the rings to find out their age?
  7. Oh no sweetie none of that silly. :lol:
  8. Austin they dont do that silly stuff, they cut off your arm instead :lol:
  9. For some of us "older folks" its Carbon-14 dating :p
  10. Re:

    carbon 14 dating?
  11. Lol wow we just got technical carbon 14 dating!

    Dreams it basically means they can date/age old things by. We are all carbon and as it breaks down over time. Carbon 14 decreases and carbon 12 stays the same and the difference of the two is used to date things.

    Lol there's a bunch more to it but that's a basic view.

    I feel like a nerd now
  12. We might card you if you look younger than 18 and want to play with the girls and 21 if you want to drink.

    we dont make copies, just look to make sure your old enough to ride the rides.
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    You don't have to show the girls... just the lady at the door and you are fine.
    Any idea when you are coming?

  14. I'm sure since he posted this in March of 2007 ,he's already been there or is never coming

    My advice is please chek the orginal post dates


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