I want to be a BUNNY

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  1. I sent my pics in a few years ago and spoke with a lady there but it wasn't Madam Suzette, but no one ever got back with me. Then was not good because I could not go at that time. But I am ready to try it. My daughter is all grown up and moved away from home so now I can take the trip and be away for a few weeks at a time. I really do want to see if I have what it take to be a Bunny......I am 5' 3" 135lbs. 38-D I love to show off.


    My favorite bunny is Air Force Amy.... She is my hero. :lol:
    I would love for her to show me the ropes. If I were to get to be a BUNNY...
  2. I say yes be a bunny!


    You have my vote to be a bunny. I love sexy mature women and you are sure sexy. Dennis and Suzette if you are listing Denise has my support.
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    u are def beautiful women denise, even if u are turning 43yrs old... ur soo sweet jonHart, cant wait to meet ya baby...

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