I wanna be a bunny lol..Take a look

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by indytrauma, May 30, 2008.

  1. You've definitely got what it takes. Send in the photos cause you are smokin hot!
  2. girl i totally think you have what it takes, you are definetly hot..and if u have a great personality to match, well...,then your almost there! best of luck to you!! just keep being persistent
  3. OO yea if you make ima be ur first client yesir
  4. Very lovely

    I really like the last picture. I love the straight hair, too. I agree that pictures you've taken yourself are better. Glamour pictures, although nice, always look a little fake. Good luck in trying to be a bunny.
  5. Oh hell yeah.
  6. Yep. I'm turned on.

    In the last pic things look better....OK ...two thing. Has there been some help in between the photos or is just the way your breasts are held by the clothing?

  7. smoking hot!
  8. You're beautiful! Good Luck becoming a Bunny!

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