I wanna be a Bunny!!! Any tips?

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  1. So I am very very interested in becoming a bunnybabe, I am 5'3" 250 lbs, and 38 DDD all natural, shaved, my hair is always a different color and style but my favorite is bright red. I am a big girl and very confident and proud of my body. I am tattooed and pierced and have a great playful attitude. Some reasons I think Id be good for this job is I love sex and trying new things, as well as learning what people like and doing my absolute best to make their fantasies come true, Im very open, the only things i wont do is poop pee and vomit other than that Im very open and would be willing to try new things to please a costummor. Im hoping to work a couple weeks a month. Let me know if anybody has any tips on how to get noticed and picked, I want this so bad! Thank you for reading and big kisses to everyone!
    PS I am bi and love orgies and gangbangs 1445723195326_IMG_20151016_151113_058.jpg ABC_7508.JPG ABC_7532.JPG ABC_7650.JPG ABC_7674.JPG

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  2. Best thing to do would be to send in an application and see what happens! In this line of work, you never really know. Beauty is subjective. You definitely have that classmate/coworker one notices but never really gets the chance to talk to vibe. Best way to be noticed is to smile, make eye contact, and come off as friendly and inviting as possible. Figure out your strengths, play them up, and I think you could do rather well.
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  4. thank you so much :) i hope i make it there someday!!
  5. thank you very much i will definitely do that :)
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    Be confident and patient. Those are the most common things I have noticed in successful working girls
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    Good luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Best of luck to you!! [smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  10. Yes Good Luck....Happy Fourth... image.jpg
  11. I think she would make an awesome Bunny Babe. I could never do it...wrong personality type....way too shy...no confidence..but I have similar measurements (five four...not sure what I weigh...but 38G-32-47.
  12. Good Luck too You SexY ladY!!!!♡♡♡
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    I wish u the best of luck in your future endeavors
  14. Hi Ya'll,

    I've been watching this thread for days wondering if the Bunny Ranch ever did hire the above girl. I am beautifully voluptuous and I have emailed Madam Suzette inquiring about employment. But I wonder if there ever are BBWs at the ranch or even a market for them?

    I am interested in working for Dennis Hof because I want to finish my BFA in Fine Art and pursue a Masters in Therapy or Women's Studies (Involving a major paper in either Sex Therapy/Philosophy/Feminism/Sex Addiction ect...) and this would be a fantastic physical experience in the field as well as a great financial opportunity that might result in a published book on the history of sex, a series of romance books, and scientific paper one day.

    Below are a few pictures from the past 6 months (Summer and Fall 2016). I am 5'5, 42DD, dirty blonde, blue eyed, 35 waist, 45 hip, and in my mid twenties. I hope this might catch the eye of someone and I'll get an email and perhaps an invitation of employment!

    Thank you for your time.



    FullSizeRender-2.jpg IMG_0843.jpg IMG_0993.jpg IMG_0902.JPG IMG_1053.jpg IMG_0688.jpg
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    There is a market for everyone, it's about how hard you are willing to work. Many people mistake this as an "easy" career to become successful in, it is not. It is about what you put into it, just like any other career. Best of luck to you, beautiful. [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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    I heard at one time. That the BUNNYRANCH. get about 500 emails a week. Just from ''girls'' who think they want to work here. Just keep up with an positive out look. And good luck!
    Now,I wonder if Andi Love. ever got to talk to them.
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  17. On a serious note.....We all have that next great adventure that we choose to take. I made the choice to put myself on these message boards. I show my face and my body risking my career and the loss of family at the decision I made in pursuing my next great adventure, an adventure that I wish to take working as a prostitute at one of Dennis Hof's brothels in Nevada. I am not so naive that I don't understand the consequences of my choices or that I made my decisions lightly.

    You might ask, "Why risk anything at all?" My answer is that this is a job where if I work hard I could not only walk away with enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life in a short period of time, I could build a career off something I am very much interested in. While sex at its base form is an act of procreation it is also an act of mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional connection. In my experience, life with out connection to another human being is dull. I want to study how the different ways we connect relate to the resulting sexual and romantic relationships we form.
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  18. I would love if you were a bunny
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    Over the years, I have seen a few BBW work at the ranches, I do not know how successful they were, but they do get hired and there is a market, particularly the big breasts market. As Casey mentioned, it isn't as easy as many people think, there is a lot of work behind the scenes, working up to the moment that you get a client to visit you and establishing yourself as a provider. Apply to all the houses, visit even, and ask to see the manager.
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    Sable what are bon bons?....................................
  22. Sable, yes I have emailed Dennis and Madam Suzette and Sarena Martin and Shauna. I even made a PG-13 audition video explaining why I want to be a prostitute at one of Dennis Hof's brothels in Nevada. I have called the Love Ranch and the Alien Cat House and the Bunny Ranch a few times during the day giving my name and phone number over the past few weeks. I did heard back from Sarena Martin who told me to wait for a response from Dennis Hof. I was told that he is running for office and that he is incredibly busy, but that he would get back to me in the near future. I am patiently waiting for a response. Lots of Love - Catanna
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    upload_2016-11-5_15-40-34.jpeg ....................................................................
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    images (1).jpg ..................................................................................
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    Are they better than donuts?.................................
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  27. Still waiting to here back from Dennis Hof. I have have been in touch with the HR Manager of the southern houses, who said my case needs to go through him first. I do not know if they will take me on as a working girl. There has been a tentative scheduling in December and January, but I am not quite sure if they want me there. The stigma around being plus sized, a BBW, fat chick, curvy girl, plump, voluptuous, thick .... is hard to overcome. I feel a bit like I am trying to run through concrete. I am patient if not persistent. I have an incredible personality and I am a big beautiful woman. I took a few photos today with my computer. I can dress up or rather down... quite well if I do say so myself. Wish me luck!
    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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    Catanna, I'm not sure if you read the responses everyone has contributed to your thread or not. Several people clearly stated that we have had women work at the houses before who are plus sized. I myself have seen MANY women who happen to be plus size book and have had the most magnetic personalities, I've said myself if I were a man I'd book her. My job is not to judge people, especially by appearance. This career is hard to master for many woman that come through the doors. Everyone on this thread has responded with an answer to help you get closer to your achievement. I find it insulting you are singling yourself out from us all who are here to help you & you are jumping to conclusions as you voice it on a public thread & yet still relying on the people you are judging to give you the opportunity you are waiting around for. The key is to have no expectations, be positive no matter what and put in work. We are all equal and given the same tools to succeed, that goes for any business you are in.
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  29. The best idea is to pose questions regarding hiring to hiring managers instead of posting publicly in this forum, you will receive a better response, as the staff here is very very friendly. just as with any job.

    Good luck to you!
  30. Also you posting here that you are trying to build relationships with guests is absurd. I would suggest just stick to posing your questions to who they need get to. All of our lovers are trying to be nice.
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    There comes a point that you need to realize that this isn't an overnight process.
    It's a very competitive business, even BEYOND looks.
    I do not find it appropriate for you to continue speaking with our customers, and I don't find it will be in any shape beneficial to you.
    We work hard to establish ourselves here, and to feel as though you are entitled to speaking with our customers, is almost insulting.
    Your intentions on the board are unclear. This is something private between you and management, and the working girls, nor the customers can reassure your position with us.
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    Good Luck and nice tits...[smilie=hot over you.gif][smilie=hot over you.gif][smilie=hot over you.gif][smilie=hot over you.gif][smilie=hot over you.gif]
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    Best of luck love...[smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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    Yes they do hire BBW's as I am one of them. I am not sure what made me stand out rather then others but believe me it's possible. The first time I worked at one of his ranches I was 5'7" 291 pounds this time around I am 5'7" 210 but still voluptuous and still very much a BBW. Good luck to all the BBW's trying to make it.

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    I couldn't agree with you more AMBER!!!!

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