I love my Daddy D

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  1. Its father's day at The Moonlite Land & Cattle co. That is where me and Daddy D live

    Its my day to hang with the best dad of the them all, Daddy D.

    I love my dad so much, Here's why

    Daddy D bought us a giant horse ranch just so I have something to herd.

    Daddy D loves his new Mercedes SL55 amg convertible, he bought it so we could get the sun and air in our hair & meet girls.

    Daddy D loves Harley's, this year he bought a new one with a side car so I can go everywhere with him, he even put a little windshield on it so I don't get a bug in my eye, (Hate That)

    Daddy brings Bunny's to the house just for me to play with, why can't hot girls throw a Frisbee?

    Daddy D has a pool so we can swim together every morning (we played today, NO BUNNY'S just me and dad. All Daddy's girls have been calling and text messaging him, that's OK I am the one with him. DAD'S BITCH CALLED FROM NYC, RON JEREMY. I really don't like him, his big dick almost hit me in the head while we were swimming, that thing is scary and it make me seem small. The other thing I HATE RON FOR is that when we Bar B Que Ron eats all the food, NO LEFT OVER'S. Dad always has left over because he is upstairs eating a Bunny.

    Daddy D bought a lounge chair for two for us to lay on, I love it. The last pool party a got to watch Bunny/Bunny sex OMG Daddy D says "Patron is the cause for most girl.girl sex parties", Daddy likes that.

    Just like the Bunny's I love my daddy, he is the best dad of them all.

    I love you dad!!!!!!

    Your boy Domino.
    Domino Hof

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