i have a major question

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  1. i have been on the message board for ever and i want a job so bad i have pictures on here and i can send all the pictures i need to send i want to do a phone interview if possible
  2. Well if you read the post that madam suzette made then you can e-mail her your pics etc or if you are in a big hurry then why not give her a call? Looks like they hire a lot of bunnys from this board....
    Go read the thread titles "want to become a bunny" and you should get some more info there!
    From your small pic it looks like you would be make a excellent bunny!
    You should post some bigger ones so we can all see :p
  3. hello

    i have bigger pics just do not know how to post them
  4. ummmm here is how I do it..Lots of people do it diffrent ways but go to www.myonlineimages.com and upload you pics.
    you can then resize , edit etc..
    anyway click on the pic you want to put here in the forum then look to the right and copy the forum url
    then come here and go to your profile and click IMG then paste the url next to it then preview and it should show it, I just did it and it worked..I think ..LOL
    let me know if that helped or not...If you need more help feel free to message me on aol if you have it at momofcruz
    or msn or yahoo messenger @ [email protected]
  5. oopps forgot to mark attach signature
  6. Hey

    hey thanks hun i will try that
  7. Re: Hey

    Brooke, call me today is your day.
  8. Woohoo Girl you got Dennis to respond! I hope your checking this thing so you can call him TODAY!
    Way to go and Good Luck!

    And i am real horny!!
  10. Well Dennis ! It looks like you made a right choice hiring her...
    hmm I am a big girl and married but i'd do ya!
    Although I think you have much prettier girls there than me :(
    Hmmm maybe I should apply...Yall need a fat girl around! LMAO
  11. Well be careful what you wish for, your here and I must say much cuter than your pics.

    we went out to a jazz bar last night and she was just way to much fun.

    I had Bobby Baron on one side of me and southern comfort on the other, what a treat, all the men were way jealous.
  12. hey

    Thanks for the compliment Daddy!!! All jealous of you baby...maybe we can go out and have a better time, when you get a chance.. hugs and kisses and bunny dreams...... Southern Comfort, Comfort of the south, right in the beautiful heart of Nevada
  13. Brooke send your pics to my addy ok??LOL :wink: :lol:

    brooke aka Southern Comfort is at the BunnyRanch for your pleasure. she looks so cute in her little outfit. I am so glad you were persistant, there is a very long line to the BunnyRanch.
  15. thank you

    Thank You very much!!!!!! That picture looks good by the way.........

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