i could be a bunny

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  1. dennis and madam suzette
    im tellin i could do it. im a very easy and outgoing person. i would gladly accept any offers thrown at me. i have never done anything like this but i know what i have and i know its good so get back with me
  2. did you use the become a buuny thread also, Madam Suzettes info is in there with how to apply
    Wow you sound confident, got any pics? lol
  3. yes

    yes actually i did say that to suzette. i emailed her and dennis, i am very confident pics of me can be seen at http://www.myspace.com/shortysmp
    its not the greatest pic
  4. Call me and e me some pics , not glam just pics so I can put a face with the

    1 888 bunnyranch

    [email protected]
  5. dennis

    i sent u a pic and phone number its not the best thats for sure. but i think its ok. you tell me
  6. Re: dennis

  7. Good luck! Im also trying to become a bunny! :D
  8. thanks for talking to me dennis

    yes i called dennis today and i got the chance to talk to him. it was awesome. im waitin on that email dennis
  9. i got it

    i got your email. now im just waitin on your call dennis
  10. Congrats! im also waiting for a call.. he good luck to u
  11. Brit.. I think you would be a great bunny. I would come to visit you for sure..
  12. hey

    brit have you talked to dennis yet? how long have you been waiting
  13. Thanks!

    shortysmp: I also just talked to Dennis only threw PMS yesterday soo im in the same boat is u! hehe just waitin for the call..
  14. brit

    yea i got to talk to him on the phone. he sounds so nice. like a big teddy bear! i was hopin he would have called or emailed me again but he must have been to busy for me today :(
  15. dennis is bein bad

    daddy your bein naughty by not callin!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Re: dennis is bein bad

    haha..yeah i knoe..he needs a spanking..
  17. Re: dennis is bein bad

    Brit's real cool, we talked while I was in LA.

    Re spanking, I am a giver! I do the spanking and hair pulling.
  18. spank me dennis

    dennis you can spank me and pull my hair all you want! i cant wait to see you
  19. Dennis if you need "help" with these ladies pics I'll be glad to help you out. 8)
  20. Brit can I be your 1st party??? 8)
  21. I think Brit will be very popular, she seems like a lot of fun.

    Does anyone know if she likes girls?
  22. And an important follow-up, will she have any time for girls. She is HOT!
  23. why yes I do hunnie!
  24. dennis

    sorry i didnt get chance to call. maybe thurs or friday. ive been busy! so jan 8 is a day i could come out to see you! hopefully!

  25. aw tnx hun!!

    Congrats Sera! u start Jan8 at wat BR2 or BR1?
  26. Brit you didnt answer my question...Can I be your 1st party 8)
  27. An Experience of a Lifetime in My Future???

    Hi, My name is Allie, I'm the young lady wearing denim and a bunny outfit; who sent pictures a week or so ago. I'm more than interested in becoming a beautiful BunnyBabe and working at your establishment. I believe this will help me venture out in the business and see the world. I'm enthusiastic, full of life with a good spirit. I love working with others and have the confidence I will be one of the best. Please, please allow me the chance to hop around your ranch!
  28. Re: An Experience of a Lifetime in My Future???

    I don't remember seeing them, pls e to [email protected]
  29. daddy

    hey this is sara in ohio. i just wanted to let you know that i will be taking a bus from here to las vegas within the next 24 hours. i hope to see you soon
  30. Im very excited!!! I got my email reply from madamsuzette and now i am waiting for her to call!! :D

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