I am so lost!

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  1. My husband and I are going to come out to the bunny ranch to full-fill a long time fantasy of mine to be with another woman, in which he will be participating. We would like to make a date with a girl ahead of time. How do we know who will be there in early december? How do we know we can afford it, I was watching cat house and had seen one girl made 40K, is that the norm? What should we expect?
  2. Who is at the Ranch

    :shock: I am so glad you ask this question.
    I have several ladies that I have contacted and have not received a
    reply from. I will not be there until after the first of the year to
    have my fantasy fulfilled, with another lady.
    If the lady you really like is not at the ranch, do they drop by if you make an appointment with them?
    Dennis I know not all 500 of these ladies can fit into the "party bar" at one time LOL.
  3. If you want to see who will be at the ranch the week you are coming then all you have to do is look under line ups here on the forum,
    As for making a appt then I always see them say to Pm the girl you would like to make a appt with.
    the reason why they may not be answering messages is because they are not at the ranch so check then line ups then pm them..
    As for affording it, They cannot discuss prices so once again what I usually see on here is bring what you have, All girls have their own rates and are negotiable but of course I wouldnt expect a 3some for a few hundred dollars, Bring what you think they deserve and you should be ok

    Sorry mistype! I meant to say I would NOT expect a 3some for a few hundred dollars!
  4. Ladies,

    My suggestion would be to keep checking the Line Ups Section, that ought to give you a very good idea of which Bunnies are still active. Most work anywhere from 2 weeks to a month at a time. Once you settle on a Bunny that's active you can always call and speak to her in person and see about setting an appointment.
  5. I am so Lost

    Thank all of you for your suggestions. I now have a better understanding of how the process works on finding the right lady.
    I am not cheap but not a millionaire either, I am sure we will both be satisfied.
  6. There are lots of bunnies that work consistent schedules and lots that come in and work and we will not see them for months.

    I say get to know the girls on the board or if there is a girl you like that is not posting pm me or Madam and we can tell you if and when we expect her.

    Re price the girls will work with your budget and most love couples, some of them post on here.

    If there is any way I can help let me know I mean HO.
  7. I agree with Dennis there are lots of beautiful girls in both houses and they are willing to work with you so go and have a great time! Believe me you will love it.
  8. Not as lost now

    Thank you replying, my e-mail got mixed in with another ladies but that is okay we are on the same page. I understand how the process works now,( how the ladies rotate etc.)
    I am looking forward to my vacation.
    Wiselady60 :p
  9. couple parties

    you would be surprised that with everyones prices. they are all different and affordable. all the ladies work with everyones budgets and they all love couples. hope to see you soon.

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