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  1. Hello I'm Nikki
    I may be looking to make a major change in my life, again. I have been thinking about this lifestyle more and more lately so I decided to ask you about your basic requirements.
    1. What is your age cut-off? I am 27 and in good shape.
    2. do the ladies "specialize" or are they required to handle all situations?
    3. What is the average salary?
    4. What is the normal working hours? I ask this only because I do have children and want to remain an active part of their life.
    I have registered here so that I can receive mail at your site and answer any questions that you may have for me.

    Thanks for your time, Nikki
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    Nikki, everyone at both places is an independent contractor. What they make is what they make. Shifts are usually 12 hours and in terms of age cut-off, I believe that it's the old "different strokes for different folks." Some clients like am young. Some clients like 'em mature. Some clients like 'em blonde. Some clients like 'em brunette or redhead.

    You need to e-mail Madame Suzette and Dennis Hof directly to really find out the ins and outs of the job and what they require.

    That's my $.02 Canadian...

    good luck,

    Nick in T.O.

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