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  1. So I sent in my pictures crossin my fingures that they get seen! I wanna do this REALLY bad, I come from a Christian family that lives in the boonies! But since I've been out on my own I love gettin into trouble! :) I'm really nervice about what they are gonna say since I'm not the prettiest girl, I've scrolled up and down this page! I dont have fake boobs, ALL original (which I take pride in) Anyone got any pointers I could work on while I wait?
    ~The Animal[/img]
  2. I am sure you will get picked sweetie! And you are VERY pretty, dont let anyone tell you your not....I am not a bunny but from being on here awhile I can tell you to just be patient and persistent....they would be lucky to have you!!!! [smilie=kiss of love.gif]

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    8) You look good to me. :)
  4. Don't ever put yourself down. You be proud or yourself because no ones perfect. I'm sure that they don't just pick the girls because they are pretty, but on their personality and attitude. I don't care how pretty a girl is, if her personality and attitude sucks she is as much a turn off as the wicked witch with 2 heads. :twisted: Stay positve! :wink:

    Shavd 8)

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