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  1. The Bunnies and I invade NYC!1

    we have been invited to be on Howard's Last show Dec 16Th. I am honored to be a part of the show. There will be a stage on the street in front of Howard's Building. After the show we will all make the walk to the new home of Howard at Sirius.

    Here is some of what Howard is saying ... adid=83691

    Howard in NY Post-New Yorker article (post #1)
    December 4, 2005 -- Howard Stern has crowed for months about how he'll get as filthy as humanly possible when he jumps to censorship-free Sirius Satellite Radio next month ? and now he's revealing for the first time, in a New York magazine interview, just how X-rated his new show will be.
    In an expletive-filled interview that hits newsstands tomorrow, the sex-obsessed shock jock tells of five new jaw-dropping features that are sure to push the boundaries of bad taste.

    The idea behind the filthy five ideas, Stern says, is to gratify his listeners. "Wouldn't it be brilliant if my audience could all lie down at night together and [achieve orgasm] together?" he asks.

    To that end, Stern plans to offer up one regular segment called "Confessions from the Bunny Ranch," in which he plans to wire a room at the famed Nevada whorehouse for sound. "You'll be right in the prostitute's room. You'll hear the negotiation. You'll hear the screwing. You'll hear the after-sex conversation," Stern tells New York.

    He's also working on "I Want to F - - - a Porn Star," a sex-drenched send-up of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," in which contestants get to have sex with an adult film star if they pass a quiz. "It's going to be difficult," Stern cautions.

    Then there's "Tissue Time With Heidi Cortez," which will feature appearances by a 24-year-old Playboy model who will offer phone sex to Howard's audience.

    For years, he presented the "Lesbian Dating Game," in which a gay woman got to take her pick of three hot women. But the segment was dropped after the FCC began its crackdown on "indecent" and "obscene" material. Now it's coming back with a, uh, bang. "I'm going to give you real action. We'll have the sex right there," Stern says.

    Stern is also getting ready to send up "The View," which he's ranked on for years, particularly hammering away at Star Jones. "We're going to round up four crack whores, and every night we're going to take the exact topics that 'The View' talked about," the shaggy-haired gabber says. "It will be 10 times better."

    [email protected]

    We are also discussing B Ranch dirty talk phone sex that will be recorded if the caller agrees.

    My questions for you are as follows.

    Who do I take to NYC?

    How crazy should they dress?

    What would you as a Sirius listener want to hear from the Ranch.

    Your ideas are important to me.
  2. ? ?

    I have listened to Howard for years and he is actually how i found about about this Bunny Ranch and the board.

    I say you take as many girls with you that want to go and as possible. I realize you need girls to stay back and hold the ranch down, but the more the merrier for the last show. Howard is a King and should be sent off like one.

    As far as dressing, they should wear like "F Tom" and shirts about the show, something personal. Even advertise for his new place.

    I'll be getting hooked up by Jan 9th so I can continue to listen to him and I'd have a bunny ranch segment.

    Go Big D!
  3. 1. The most wild girls only. I don't think the sensitive shy types will fair well. Bring the girls that are candid, flaunt it and don't mind getting naked for Howard and even doing a sex act in the studio there. I am not familiar with the girls enough to say who, but you should be able to figure it out, Dennis.. However, Howard would probably rather have a really attractive girl that is a little less wild than a really wild girl who he doesn't think is good looking.

    2. No bra or panties and probably a sexy black or red mini dress. I think Howard goes for that more than a thong bikini or wild outrageous dress.
    He likes to get flashed.

    3. Hearing negotiations from the ranch! ack! I hope the girl and the client know they are being taped! I guess having a guy taped but the girl not knowing is what Howard would like best. The guy would probably go from girl to girl getting different price quotes and Howard would comment. Or else probably having the guy ask for really wacko things, like ....
    "How much would it be for me to put my little Bugs Bunny puppet in your _____".

    Me myself, I'd like a hot chick who is very sexy and not trampy, with what I said for #2, but for #3...I really am not intrested in that one, but that's just me!

    Good Luck Dennis!

  4. Dennis..I am an avid Howard Stern fan and catch the show every morning. I remember when Becca was on! I am so happy you are going to "link" arms with Howard on the last show.
  5. Howards leaving?
  6. Dr. J

    I say you need to take Dr. J if she wants to go. Howard would love her for her beauty and for the fact that she is going to be a PhD.
  7. Re: Dr. J

    I luv ya, baby!!! Muaahhh! :wink:
  8. Re: ? ?

    I like your ideas.

    Heres what we did, we made up pink Bella hooded sweatshirts and pants with black BunnyRanch on them and some Bella shirts that say
    Howard big letters
    is the king

    $$$K THE FCC.
  9. Re: ? ?

    Dennis, I have to tell you just how fitting I think it is that you censor the $$$k when you say "$$$k the FCC". Thats great. I think Howard would get a kick out of that for sure. lol
  10. ummm

    Wait, but do I get a shirt to wear while I'm there with you guys? ;-)
  11. Re: ? ?

    that's PERFECT!!! i'm sure the bunnies will look smokin' hot in them too!! :D
  12. hey dennis

    hey dennis, i think you should take brooke!
  13. Re: ? ?

    I am taking

    Shelly D


    Beeca Brat Howard loves her

    Chelsea from the board who is now joining team Bunnyranch

    Brooke Taylor if she can get out of a committment

    Jamie Lee and Paula Soprano if they want to.
  14. Re: hey dennis

  15. Re: ummm

    Its in my suitcase and you rwarm ups have been shipped
  16. Re: hey dennis

    thanks baby!!! that's quite a compliment cumming from you!! you tell me when and where and i'm there!! :wink:
  17. I am so excited to go!!!

    Thank you Dennis...see you Thursday!!
  18. OMG...I am SOOOO honored. I so want to join the Bunny Team in NYC. And I'm with Chelsea on what to wear, WHAT DO I WEAR??????

    And Brooke baby, this is our chance...are you cumming too? Are we gonna finally get to meet while we represent with Big Daddy and the other Bunny Babes ?

    I PM'd you Big D....I need to know the details.

    Jamie Lee :wink:
  19. I need some also. I will call you today sweetie. xoxo
  20. i think this is our chance Jamie Lee!! :D :D i'm soo excited!!
    hopefully you won't have to worry about wearing much of anything :wink: hehe....i'm so naughty!! :twisted:
  21. Ok miss new Bunny.

    What if a Bunny wants you on? What if all the Bunnies want you?

    The Waldorf Astoria is a great hotel for a girl/girl show.

    A party there cost me $2600 to replace the wallpaper.

    My X and AFA at theri finest! did they have to keep score with a sharpie on the wall? 42 yes count them big O's
  22. The Wallpaper?That's frightening but HOT.Note to self,Waldorf low floor near a Fire Exit..............
  23. Well Brooke, I guess this isn't our chance after all.... :cry: :cry: :cry: All those evil and naughty discussions and thoughts and plans we had are not going to happen after all...I wish I hadn't believed that I was going to be there with you and be part of this trip.

    But have a good time anyone sweetie and I hope you and I have a chance some other time to get a chance to do all the things we talked about.

    Jamie Lee :cry:
  24. Re: hey dennis

    looking forward to finding that out for myself!!
  25. Re: hey dennis

    Pls trust me on this one, I know killer sex, Brooke is it.

    Book your appt know, Brooke will be like the X Box really in demand.
  26. I got the new xbox 360. it was hard as hell to get, I got it off ebay for $1100.00 was well worth it. maybe one day I'll get to play Brook :D
  27. how is it, paula? i've seen the madden it that lifelike?
  28. Hey sweetie how ya doing.
  29. don't cry jamie lee!!! we'll get our chance to play!!! the naughty thoughts in my head aren't going to go away!!! :twisted: wished you were there - i'll tell you all about it in vivid detail so it'll be just like you were there!!! :D
  30. doing doing better if we were partying. :wink:
  31. Re: hey dennis

    WHOA!!! :shock: Paula, you can play with me any day you like!!! :twisted: :wink: :D stanthegatorfan, proof is in the pudding, wanna taste?? it's as sweet as a peach and melts in your mouth :wink:
  32. paula, bring the x-box to the ranch and share it with me and brooke... :wink:
  33. i don't know if i could concentrate on x-box with paula in the room!!!! i have naughtier ways to pass the time :wink:
  34. sounds like a naughty good time
  35. Re: hey dennis

    would love to however the last time I tasted a dental damn it didnt taste like that!!!.. besides all the drillin that came with it.. root canals sux

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