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    [smilie=hot over you.gif]
    New Steamy Video,Enjoy.
    image10 copy.jpeg

    Take A Sex Safari With Me,I offer a Wide Variety of Encounters The word safari conjures up images of exotic adventure and untamed wildlife—Me Barely Clothed and You Clinched to Me Tightly as We Swing In To ONE ANOTHER'S Company.I consider time spent with me something of a Sexual Safari. Thrill seekers, Huggers and Kissers need apply.Together we can explore new heights of sensuality—unbridled, unhurried, unadulterated raw passion at its best! See, I truly enjoy experimentation , I want my companion (Male Or Female) to reach heights of passion perhaps previously denied them. I enjoy Passionate Physicality. I want to explore every inch of my lover and have them do the same to me.
    *Short but oh "La "La So Sweet!
    *Long & Sensual
    *The “Girl” Friend Experience

    *Party Like a Rockstar! (Transportation,VIP Suite,Complementary Bottle of Liquor Included)

    *VIP Treatment: All Inclusive (Transportation, Flight Arrangements, Itinerary and personal agenda email to you,VIP Suite.)Leave all your stress to me.
    *Multi-girl Parties
    *Brothel Virgins,Virgins or Inexperienced
    *Gentlemen W/ Special Medical Needs
    *Champagne Parties
    * NEW FANTASY SUITE Jacuzzi/Asian WetRoom/Massage
    *Karaoke/Meet and Greet

    [smilie=hot over you.gif]Lets Take an Erotic Safari Together ,Where I Can Entertain all of Your Sensual Needs and Desires:p
    *Multiple Positions/ Tantric Sex
    *Multiple Orgasms,and not just ME
    *Mutual Masturbation and Sensual Touch, To Inflame Both our Libidos.
    *Oral/Mutual Oral 69

    *Role Play,Fetish,Tickle & light Touch
    *Blind Fold,Light Hair Pulling,Feather Play
    *Sensual Dances,Special Clothing

    *Paddle Parties/Light Bondage/Strap On

    :)Each Encounter is tailored to individual needs and budgets. If at anytime we were to Encounter Incompatibilities and I could not Personally Accommodate you. I would have a bunny sister join us who could.

    [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
    HOW CAN I Talk TO YOU personally ?

    [email protected]

    I Personally ANSWER MY E-MAIL,POST DAILY ON THE MESSAGE BOARD,TWEET, LIVE CHAT! "Online Daily" *Ask Me to *CHAT* Can't Wait to Meet.
    To insure my exclusive availibilty for an intimate encounter, deposits or prior arrangements are necessary. I live locally and I make line-ups daily. Which gives me the advantage of being schedule friendly. Allowing me MUCH MORE TIME and AVAILABILITY TO OFFER YOU, then me flying in for an Extended Stay at the Ranch. Stop in for a no obligation meet and great.
    Until Then;Naughty Thoughts,Kisses Caressa

    Great! I Want To Read Reviews First?
    please do so here:D

    Wet Room Party

    The ultimate way to unwind is to allow me to treat you to the pampering Fire & Ice massage.
    I utilize a heated healing balm which detoxes the muscles —there by increasing the range of Motion. Once you’re heated up, I apply ice cubes,Which I run up and down the body by placing them in-between us as I slide my body up and down your Wet ,Warm ,Cool , Tingly Body. These polar opposite treatments create a relaxing and aroused effect. We will utilize the newest addition to the Bunny Ranch—a world-class wet-room with a nice sized Jacuzzi included. I’ll work your lumbar and chakras—not an inch of your body will be ignored or left to languish. Of course this massage comes with a “happy ending” and you will be FULLY pleasured in any way you wish.

    Lake Tahoe Package - This Sex Safari starts when you land in Reno, I will be waiting in an unmarked limo anticipating your arrival with your favorite drink & Bunny Babe in hand, we will start our trip to Lake Tahoe in "heated" style. We can Indulge in Lake Tahoe's premier resorts, Lake Tahoe; is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Tahoe offers lake side dining, dinner cruises, Catamaran cruises, beautiful white sandy beaches, water toys, gaming, dancing & amazing shopping.This is a place where xxxtra magical things happen!

    Reno Package's - Come Enjoy the biggest Little City in the World with me! Our Safari Sexcapade heats up the moment U arrive in Reno, where I will be XXXtra anticipating your arrival in our unmarked limo. We can enjoy the Reno Night Life together; dinner a show, dancing, a stroll along the Downtown River-walk some gaming, or even a photo stop at the historic Reno arch. And...once we return to the room, unlimited XXXTra pleasures where we can please & be pleased together!

    Ride a Bunny Save a Cowgirl
    For all of you Horseback Riders out there, come & enjoy a nice ride through the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains. We'll find a breath taking mountain view for a cozy picnic and then explore the passion we can create between us!! The beautiful mountains and our naked bodies entwined in passion.

    LOCALS PARTY (Happy Hour)
    It’s a fairly common business practice to offer discounts to locals. Another common practice is a little thing called Happy Hour (everyone seems to have their favorite local spot to hang with friends to drink & nibble at a discount).
    Well, I am combining these two traditions and offering Locals a discount for the Happiest Hour ever! If you’re from Washoe, Storey, or Douglas Counties then you’re in! All Puns Intended Yep, I promise to work with your budget and provide you no less than One-Hour of pure sexual bliss!
    The catch—you’ve got to book in advance—call; text or email me and let’s make this a regular neighborly Happy Hour!

    Platinum Level - Flights to Las Vegas
    Las Vegas Package - We will experience the Night Life of Las Vegas together, we can take in the sights, sounds and Neon Lights,with many luxury resorts to choose from we can enjoy the best dinners, shows, dancing & gaming Las Vegas has to offer or just rejuvenating in the spa after a long night of getting to know each others personal pleasures. SAME DAY AVAILABLE Shall I Make The Arrangements or you? This 24hr or Longer Excursion gets me very excited!

    Gold Packages

    Bunny Ranch Overnight Experience - This Safari Sexcapade also begins at the Reno Airport where I pick U up in one of the unmarked limos the Bunny Ranch has to offer,with your favorite drink of choice, we will enjoy kicking off your arrival before U are able to get comfortable in your Stretch of a Ride, as we head back to the Bunny Ranch to settle in and enjoy the many amenities the Bunny Ranch has to offer; from sharing my Luxury Sweet Suite to one of our gorgeous bungalows. The property boasts a heated pool & jacuzzi with breath taking mountain views & some of the hottest naked Fun Ladies on the Planet!. Every Friday Night is Bunny Karaoke & Saturday Nights Live DJ, always unforgettable fun. :lol:

    The Silver Standard Champaign Bucket

    Still an outstandingly Wet & Wild Time
    These are for my extended parties of 3 to 6 hours enjoy a couple drinks some relax time in the hot tub and unlimited passion in my suite here at the ranch, add in one of my Super Hot Bunny Sisters for a Sweet Treat in addition to this being a great introduction for couples.

    For those seeking the satisfaction, of having a sophisticated, sexy lady on their arms while exploring all that Northern and/or Southern Nevada has to offer, this is the package for you. Fine dining options range from the seminal Adele’s in Carson City to the Steakhouse at the Atlantis in Reno. Perhaps you’d prefer breakfast after a long night of love-making—Peg’s Glorified Ham n’ Eggs will satisfy that thirst. Lake Tahoe offers the romance of Nephele’s, while Macduffy’s Pub delivers a more casual slant for drinking and dining.
    Top flight comedy abounds in Reno with Catch a Rising Star and the Comedy Club, while night life thrives at the Sapphire Lounge (Harrah’s) and LEX at the Grand Sierra Resort. Of course there’s always the new Hard Rock Casino in Tahoe as well. The options are unlimited and that’s not even counting all the possibilities that Sin City, Las Vegas provides.
    Yes, Las Vegas is an option—and my contacts for rooms,back stage passes, shows and fine dining are vast. If you provide me with dates and destination in advance I can put together a most remarkable VIP itinerary to satisfy your every desire.
    Companionship, conversation, the hottest, most passionate sex are a lock for those who wish to book the “Out-Date/Extended Stay” Package. All transportation can be arranged—a VIP Suite guaranteed (if you prefer to make the Bunny Ranch our base-camp). This package can be booked for one or more nights.Please book this package if you’d like to get the “lay-of-the-land.”


    The Kama Sutra boasts at least 100 sex positions—why don’t we try them all? Let’s be study partners and bring those lust filled illustrations to life! Of course multiple positions imply multiple orgasms and that’s exactly what this package provides.Be my Himeros and I’ll be your Aphrodite—together we can wallow in the wilderness of sexual exploration—let’s be bold, let’s be adventurous, let’s experiment!

    The goal of this package is to sate you with a series of orgasmic streams. I am committed to providing you with multiple orgasms regardless of the length of your stay.
    The party doesn’t end when you come, that simply signifies the beginning of the next round. Whether we re-boot with massage or gentle teasing—talking dirty or a strip-tease; the point of this package is to come and come again.
    So let’s push the boundaries of pulsating pleasures and keep the ball rolling.Please book this party if repeat performance is your goal…

    The body perceives external stimulus in a variety of ways; taste and touch are two such senses and this package is all about satisfying those plateaus.
    Tongues and lips meeting lumber and labia—the divine Tantric meshing of fellatio and clitoral stimulation—we can spend our entire time in oral ecstasy.
    If carnal, culinary escapades are what you seek, then this is your package, and I’m the girl for you.
    Please book this package for a “finger licking” good time…

    Not everyone, for whatever the reason, has the time or perhaps the budget for extended playtime. And you know what, that’s fine with me. Everyone ought to have a taste of the best and I can suit your every need.
    When minutes are loaded with magic, time becomes pretty irrelevant and I guarantee only quality time, whether an hour or overnight—and that’s a pinky promise.
    Please book this budget/pleasure package; you’ll be glad you did...

    This package provides a full array of sensual pleasures—guaranteed multiple orgasms, teasing galore (including a private strip-tease) with lots of foreplay. We can soak in a hot bath and sip champagne before moving into an intimate encounter.
    I’d rather watch the cock than watch the clock (LOL) and pampering is my passion.
    We’ll have access to all the amenities the Bunny Ranch provides, and we can come and come and come again!
    Please book this multiple hour, multiple orgasmic offering…

    This package is all about intimacy. The GFE promises pre and post party communication and interaction (through both social media and cell phone). The Girl Friend Experience provides unlimited contact time, allowing us to develop a relationship prior to our meeting up and the opportunity to continue to grow together between dates.
    This package provides both public and private time together. We can fine dine at Adele’s (Carson City’s most iconic restaurant), catch some comedy at the Laugh Factory in Reno, or dance the night away at the Hard Rock in Tahoe.
    The GFE is the most personal, passionate party I offer; full of kissing, cuddling, hanging out, laughing and lovin’…
    Please PRE-BOOK this package today and let the romance begin!

    This package provides indulgence to the max—24-hours of non-stop, royal treatment. Select the bottle of your choice, a limo at our beck-and-call, our own VIP Suite, a spa massage or dinner and dancing out on the town.
    All the amenities the ranch has to offer are at our disposal and, of course, so are the casinos, fine dining and special events of Reno, Tahoe and Carson City—the world is our oyster.
    If you book in advance I can plot out options of entertainment and prepare an A-List litany of lascivious indulgence.
    Please book this package if you’d like to see me move like Jagger…

    There is no time limit when you book the VIP package, but there is non-stop pampering promised! Unlimited sexual play; the beverage of your choice, a VIP suite with a jetted tub—this is the penthouse party for true purveyors.
    I know how to make a person feel very important, and I know just what it takes to be the ultimate provider of physical pleasure and mental stimulation.
    Whether it’s an hour, multiple hours or even an overnight, the VIP Treatment provides top-shelf sensuality and service.
    Please book this package for a world-class whirl…

    TWO-GIRL PARTY (ménage à trios)
    This party is all about you. Two ladies—one at your nose and one at your toes—both aiming to meet in the middle! This is a pure pleasure package, providing the ultimate in pampering with all the attention on you.
    We have lots of girls to choose from and the possibilities are endless when boobies abound and tight butts beckon. You’ll be immersed in a sexual smorgasbord of double delight!
    Take a look at our website in advance and let me know if any particular girl stands out. Otherwise, put your trust my hands and I’ll find us the purrfect partner.
    Please book this “two for one” package of pleasure…

    So you haven’t been to a brothel before. Perhaps you’re having a case of the nerves; apprehension and the jitters are holding you back—well fear not, you’ve just entered Adult Disneyland—and I’m one of the exhilarating rides Let me navigate you through this sexual theme park of passionate possibilities—the options are endless. I know you’ll find me a most accommodating lover and teacher. We use one another's body's as study guides to lead the way .I encourage you to peruse all the wonderful packages I offer and if you can’t find something that appeals to you, let’s create one that suites your needs. I’m here to please and ease you in.
    Please contact me prior to booking your package so we can find the perfect fit for you…

    Whether we’re roll playing, cross dressing, tantalizing with touch—using toys or tasty body syrups (creating our own human Sundae), it’s all good with me.
    Let’s act out the scenes you play in your mind. Are light binding and blindfolding what you desire? Perhaps paddling, or diapers or a shower of golden delight is what you seek.
    So long as there is no end to your imagination, there is no end to just what naughty, lascivious little adventures we can find ourselves delving into.Please book this package if it’s something very different you desire…

    This package provides no less than three girls (or more). Imagine multiplying the heat of two lovers by four or five or six! Imagine the intensity and passion all those bodies can provide!
    If it’s a Bacchanalian experience you seek than you’ve come to the right place and I’m the right girl to create a cast of carnal cohorts for your plural pleasures.
    The beauty of the Bunny Ranch is that we have soooo many lovely ladies to choose from--blondes, brunettes, red-heads of every shape, size and color—and we can rotate our playmates to suite your every urge.Please book this package if variety is your spice of life…

    Relax, take off your clothes (if you’d like) and do whatever you wish with the stripper of your dreams! I will be your private dancer in my private suite as you feast your eyes on me.
    With the music pulsing and the lights down low, I will seduce you with a most sensual tease—the buildup will have you bursting at the seams and when you’re ready I’ll bring you to full completion.
    This package is pure optical, sensual stimulation, with elements of light touching and of course, the aforementioned teasing.
    Please book this package if seeing is believing…

    If they gave Academy Awards for Role Playing; why, I’d have a shelf full of Oscars!What do you desire to see me in? Lingerie, Fantasy Wear, Thigh High Stockings, Heels, Peek-a-Boo Panties, Spandex or Latex—my wardrobe knows no boundaries. I have something for every taste, mood and mien. Want a teacher or a nurse? How about a naughty school girl in plaid?
    I’ve got my handcuffs and my badge and I’ve got gowns which defy gravity. Dress me up like your own personal Barbie doll. From top to bottom (shoes to hats and everything in between), you can dress me any way you want. Please book this package; I won’t change my mind, only my clothes…

    There is nothing more intimate than kissing--passionate lips engaged in passionate fury.
    Kissing elevates the sensuality of lovemaking and I crave that kind of sharing; that deep and most natural of attractions.
    They don’t call me Caressa “Kisses” for nothing. My mouth, my lips and my tongue are yours—what better way to personalize the passion of two lovers in the throes of a sexual scrum.
    Please book this package and seal it with a kiss…

    A lot of people don’t realize that I am a NCCT Certified Surgical Technician. My bedside manner goes far beyond the four walls of the Bunny Ranch. In fact, caring for people with special needs is a personal passion.
    I care deeply about the maladies (including erectile dysfunction) that make it so difficult for many among us to feel open and carefree about their sexuality. I will bring you along, tend to your needs and expand your lusty repertoire.
    Please book this package and don’t let anything hold you back; I am here for you!

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    Looking forward to a hot encounter soon! [smilie=hot over you.gif] [smilie=hi ya!.gif] [smilie=be mine!.gif]
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    [smilie=happy.gif]Every-Time is hotter then our previous encounters with one-another! Thats Saying a lot!! Lmao :p I love sensually teasing and dancing for you before we start our playtime. You have the best taste in music.
    Warm Sexy Thoughts; Kisses Caressa

    Kisses; Caressa

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    You are very hot that's why!!!
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    caressakisses Caressakisses.com

  6. Docrocker
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    The recent encounters were very hot with an added photo op! [smilie=hot over you.gif] [smilie=hot over you.gif] [smilie=hot over you.gif] [smilie=i love you1.gif]
  7. caressakisses
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    caressakisses Caressakisses.com

    Yes! We had a hot PARTY and a hotter photo op! [smilie=hot over you.gif]I love the way you see me thriugh the camera.

    Kisses; Caressa
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    I have yet to have my hot encounter with you, maybe this summer.

    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif] [smilie=hot over you.gif] [smilie=hot over you.gif] [smilie=hot over you.gif] [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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    That pic is erotic
  10. caressakisses
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    caressakisses Caressakisses.com

    2532409fv.jpg 2532410rv copy.jpg
    The Love Doctor, let's fix this! I have many sexy, fun ideas for our intimate encounter.
    Until Then; Naughty Thoughts,
    Caressa Kisses
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    Love all of your sexy encounters! [smilie=hot over you.gif]
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    And it's all with a touch of Southern Charm [smilie=hi ya!.gif] [smilie=heart fill with love.gif] [smilie=be mine!.gif]
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  14. caressakisses
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    caressakisses Caressakisses.com

    Awe I knew being from Texas was good for something! LOL Can't wait to meet...
    Hot Kisses Caressa

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    Being from Texas makes that smile even bigger and brighter!
  16. I can't wait to party with a couple..
  17. Docrocker
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    Docrocker Well-Known Member

    A hot encounter in Lake Tahoe, yes in lol:))
  18. caressakisses
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    caressakisses Caressakisses.com

    Oh Doc, Our steamy reunion will be in Tahoe together this year! [smilie=hot over you.gif]Can't wait to meet and make your hot wet dreams come true.
    Kisses Caressa

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  20. caressakisses
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    caressakisses Caressakisses.com

    I would love to do a bachelor party, what better way to start a marriage! [smilie=hot over you.gif]
    Hot Sexy Kisses; Caressa

    photo 4 copy 2.JPG
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    All encounters with Caressa is sexy!
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    caressakisses Caressakisses.com

    Love all my encounters! [smilie=hot over you.gif]Can't wait until we meet so I can make your ultimate desires...
    Kisses Caressa

    fullsizeoutput_4dc6.jpeg fullsizeoutput_20d.jpeg

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  23. love virgins

  24. Air Force Amy
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    How sexy! I love it! XOXO
  25. Air Force Amy
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    How amazing! and sexy! XOXO
  26. Air Force Amy
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    Awww I love it! XOXO
  27. Docrocker
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    Docrocker Well-Known Member

    You are a special lady to be with Caressa...
    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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    caressakisses Caressakisses.com

    I want to make all of our encounters hot and sexy...[smilie=hot over you.gif]to fulfill your ultimate dreams....
    Hot Kisses Caressa

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    caressakisses Caressakisses.com

    Are you ready for our hot sexy encounter?
    PM me and lets get Our Sensual Safari Started. The thought of your response already has me aroused.
    Kisses Caressa[smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  31. Ive got plenty of plans for you babe I cant wait to see you
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    Oh Caressa I can't wait until our next sexy encounters.....
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  33. I dont doubt that at all!
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