Hopeful New Bunny!

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Angelina Jolie, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Dennis do you think i got wht it takes to be one of your bunny's... I would absolutely love the opportunity to call you daddy! :wink:
  2. there are alot of these boards you should read the one at the top. It gives info on becoming a bunny!
  3. Thanz for the info baby I found it ... I did send Madam Suzette an email already yesterday morning, when i called the bunny ranch they said to just write a little bio about myself and send it in.. She said could take up to 2 weeks for a reply! Hope it's a good one! I can't wait to be a bunny, Im ready and willing! :p
  4. Good for you!

    I also want to become a bunny! I am hoping to hear something soon!

  5. Cool where ya from? Maybe we can be new bee's together.... :D
  6. :D

    IM from Nebraska... you have a myspace??????

    mine is in my sig.

    I wont be able to go for a little whiel :( cause of my scholarship!
  7. oh ok.. yea this is my first day on here, so still trying to figure it all out! Thanks soo much for all the info.. What u in school for?
  8. right now its my gen eds... but i was think about journalism or nursing... but ehh... to much schoolll and being a bunny would be sooo fun!

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