hi dennis and m.suzzete - have a booking question

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  1. I saw a 'new' bunny I would schedule a party with, but don't. Know her name. At about 3 minutes into 'hot/trot' we see her hugging a black guy wearing a black tshirt with white lettering.

    Can you tell me what her bunny name is please?

  2. I think thats Kylie!<3
  3. Nice username. :)
  4. Hi Jenna-

    Thanks for trying, but that isn't her. :-(

    Right before she is shown, a different bunny says "he likes to sample all 31 flavors... It felt like the end of a good date, a third date or second date, whatever they do in the straight world"...

    The the 'good girls won't but I do music kicks off' and Madamme Suzette opens the door to the bunny ranch, and the bunny Im looking for stands up and hugs a black dude wearing a black shirt with white lettering.

    I would really like to get a party booked if anyone can help me figure out whom I should be asking for.

  5. Yeah i know i read your topic and went and turned it on demand i seen exactually who you were talkin about i was just guessin! I have no idea ill ask Daddy D for ya! Check ya later
    Jenna Lee
  6. Try checking Carissma Lynn. I'm pretty sure that's her.
  7. Thats the one

    Yuppers Thats her!!! good job! you got it before me lol.. WOWzZers!
  8. bunny?"

    we have 13 episodes out right now and I couldnt even begin to remember each bunny over the years who were in each of them. if I watch that one again I will let you know.

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