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  1. Hey my name is Melodie and im trying so hard to become a bunny babe ive been waiting for this day for so long I would love the support.:]
    Thank you <3
    I know I only have a few pics but im working on getting more for yall.

  2. good luck!
  3. good luck melodie :wink:
  4. Thank you everyone <3


  5. dgreen31979
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    Good Luck and keep trying. Miss Suzette goes through many hopefuls all the time. Stay persistant and you will make it.
  6. Thank you hunny :]
  7. hey hunny bunny! I wish you the best luck in your search in becomin a bunnie, if this is what you really want DONT give up, from first hand I know how the wait seems like forever!!! ;) Once you make it here (hint hint ONCE haha) I'll be the first person to give you a big hug! If you find you need someone to talk to on your wait feel free to e-mail me or PM okie okie :)
    ~Bentley Jo
  8. MelMel- You need more pictures showing more skin.

    By the way...I'd hit it.


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