Hey Dennis. Surprise!!!

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Posse93, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Congratulations Dennis. You finally found me. Your long lost African-American son. So when can I move into the ranch Dad? We have so much catching up to do. :D
  2. SMACK!!!! That was lame
  3. Hmmm, well your hair styles are kind of similar but other then that I see very little resemblance. Dennis I would demand a DNA test. LOL
  4. What are you talking about?!? The resemblance is undeniable. :lol:
  5. This will be in the courts for years. LOL
  6. I'll settle out of court for a free night with 2 bunnies of my choice :wink:
  7. I do see some resemblence.........I think it's the nose.
  8. That was kinda funny, though! I loved it!

    xoxoxoxox Dior
  9. can I be the first to doo the son. please daddy :wink: please
  10. can Paula be the first to do the son. please daddy :wink: please
  11. Can I be the first to watch the first party, please, everyone, PLEASE!
    That would be one hell of a show!
  12. take dennis on maury for a paternity test!!!
  13. Doesn't Maury make all of the fathers cry? I don't think I'm ready to see Dennis' softer side.
  14. nah, they don't all cry.... dennis would be dignified and accept his responsibilities :lol:
  15. I'd be inclined to agree with Lindsay on this...
  16. I haven't watched Maury in while (honest), but if I remember correctly don't I have to get mad and start yelling "You were never there for me, I don't need you!!!" But then start crying and we fall into a tearful embrace right before Maury breaks for an Oxy Clean commercial? (I swear I haven't watched in a while.)
  17. well you don't have to, but i'd certainly enjoy it more if there was some drama....
  18. There definitely has to be drama. Without entertainment value we won't be asked back to do the "Where are they now, one year later" episode.

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