hey dennis im in baltimore

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  1. hey Dennis I'm in Baltimore and i would love to be a part of the bunny babes but I'm not able to move to Nevada... i was wondering if theres anything here worth checking out or what... i know the Hustler club is a hot spot but i would like something alittle more worth my wild....please let me know...by the i would love to cook you a good meal...i know how you love to eat :D
  2. i'm in baltimore as well.... the hustler club is a good place to start, but good luck trying to get in there... from what i've seen and heard, they're very picky. also, try scores.
  3. are you telling me that they wouldn't let you in...you have a nice flat belly and you are very pretty...I've had 2 kids so my belly is not in the best of shape...so I'm not even going to waste my time...I'm just thinking how to make lots of money and making it quick....
  4. no, i'm not a dancer. but i have friends who have worked there, or are just customers there and apparently it's very exclusive.
  5. my friends and i have been trying to go but we are not sure if they let women in there without a male escort...we live about 45 min. away and we really don't want to waste our time or gas going there if they wont let us in... i have heard that it a very exclusive club and i would love to visit but as i said we don't want to waste our time...i use to be a dancer myself but after i had kids i still have the last 10 pounds to loose and i have the nasty stretch marks..(eewww) i don't think i would be able to dance again plus hubby wouldn't approve..i would love to be a secret bunny babe though... :wink:
  6. try the gold club, and also there are many clubs in fells point that would probably hire you. as long as you are fairly attractive and have an okay body, you can work at any one of those clubs. i know some girls who are absolutely hideous and still they are dancers.
  7. well i think I'm cute but i don't think my body is up to pare but i would love to be a bunny babe but as i said I'm not able to move to Nevada... i don't want to dance i think I'm alittle too old for that :( and i would need boobs :) i was just wondering if there is anything like the bunny ranch here that i would be able to be a part of.....
  8. i don't think so... if i wanted to make money fast i would be a cocktail waitress at one of the clubs in the city. you look pretty hot to me, you don't need boobs to be a dancer.
  9. thnx sweety i think i just might do that...
  10. butercup I'll have OJ on the rocks please :wink: :lol:
  11. cumming right up :wink:
  12. cool 8) :wink:

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