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  1. Hello all, my name is Drew and I'm writing a paper for a class in my Masters program (Human Behavior) My paper is on Pro and Cons:
    Legalizing Prostitution
    . I am 100% for it,and actually had a friend work here at the ranch. I saw a different side to those in the profession,and i think by making it legal a lot of good can come from it. I am hoping for as much info as possible,and welcome all good and bad info as it will be very useful in my paper. I thank you in advance ,and hope to get a good response here, thanks again-Drew
  2. If you have any questions I'd love to help ya out
  3. do you...

    Do you just want help from the ladies whom are already in the profession?
  4. You’re awesome, thank you so much I have a week to tie up this paper and get it in. How would you like to do this? Should I post my questions on this board, or should I connect you to my private email, whatever works for you. I just want to thank you again. :lol:

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