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Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Well the new season has officially began!

    We started shooting the new girls coming in OMG.
    Tiffany Taylor the hot blond, I have seen her at Hef's many times.

    Melody Lane the Atlanta angel, has the beautiful face and skin you have ever seen.

    Dylan, tall , lean and fun as hell.

    Lisa Marie, A spectacular model from LA.

    Two more came in that I have not met yet.

    We don't normally hire this many girls but we wanted to get some new girls in the HBO season.

    Its been a wild day here at Team BunnyRanch.

    What do you want to see on your new season? Tell me now or don;t whine later.

    Brooke Taylor is right now doing a sex scene on camera, I can't wait to see this.
  2. Dennis

    Neither can we !!! Somebody is very lucky !!

  3. Dennis,

    Let's see the girls at NV50 doing karaoke and being themselves during their time off. I got to see that when I was at the ranch and it's really entertaining.
  4. Wish I was at the ranch this week I always wanted to be a movie star. 8)
  5. I will have to be sure to get HBO by the time the next show starts. I have got to see this.

    My only request Dennis is lots of Breasts!
  6. Michael
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    Michael Active Member

    Definitely girls that have yet to be seen on previous Cathouse episodes also their hot bodes in action. Anything wild & crazy would be nice too and I know you'll have a lot of that.
  7. Just told my roommate and a couple of friends that Cathouse is filming Season 2, they're just as excited as I am! Dennis, you've got quite a few female followers here! We luv u Daddy Pimp!

    xoxoxoxoxo Dior
  8. I want to see you and more of you.....

  9. I can't wait to see the new season. The only thing I really want more of is everything that's already there! Keep up the great work, can't wait!


  10. I agree with Jessi--more Dennis is always a VERY GOOD thing.

    Love ya D! XOXOXO

  11. --

    When is it going to hit HBO?
  12. Of course we all want to see more of Daddy on the show! I'd also like to see some of the girls we've all come to know and love from the Board that were not on last season... ie: Jenny Lane, Bunny Love, Erin, Audrey & Becca. That is, if they are not camera-shy lol

    It would be cool to also do a spot about the Board itself, or show one of the bunnies chattin' on it.

    I know it's going to be GREAT and can't wait to see it!
  13. Bunny & I tried to take over..... its a Bunny & jenny invasion!
  14. Dennis,

    We sit, patiently awaiting your debriefing of this season's shoot. How did it go? Any special insights for your faithful posters?
  15. Lots of fun stuff, many sex scenes with

    Erin/Kandi and a client.

    Brooke did three sex scenes, I will let her tell you.

    Melody did a sex scene and a fetish thing with the owner of the Lakers.

    Shelly D/Brooke and a client.

    We had alexis Fire do some fetish things. did a class on sexuality.

    They had me go through my life for the past 20 years, OMG pics of girls I was with then, they are doing a entire show on my life.

    I did a fun slaes meeting.

    New girl oreintation.

    Sex tips to guys at the bar.

    Hot tub parites.

    Gay bobby from the Mac store did make up class.

    Strip tease classes.

    Role Play classes.

    Tickling parties on the new sport sheets.

    Girls help!! what else did we do? It was fun as hell and we will shoot again the last week of March, come be in the show, you will be the envy of al your friends.
  16. Dennis

    Thank you. I can't wait to watch it ! You're the man.. I hope to meet you sometime.

  17. Sounds like a kick ass show, Dennis. Can't wait to see it! I know Ms. Taylor is going to be a star. Hope she remembers us little people when she's rich and famous. If you'd like to email those sex tips to me, I'll put those to work next visit. Wish I could do the March show, but I do plan to be there for the show when you film next year. I've got a bunny in mind for a scene or two. Take care, Dennis.
  18. We watched the show faithfully every episode and then the reruns and, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a LOT more of Isabella Soprano!!!!!! :lol: 8) :lol: :lol: She is the best working girl you have!!! :oops: 8) :oops: 8)
  19. WOW, great work D! I am so excited to see all this when it airs!

    I esp wanna see the show dedicated to YOU... yipeee!

    Maybe I'll make it to the Ranch in March? That would be sooo much fun :wink:
  20. I am the only girl from the first season of Cathouse to shoot the second season unless you count Taylor Sterling who was only briefly shown before in the first season. I wish she'd been shown more as she is gorgeous and smart. She was a little camera shy the first season but they got us talking several times this season. She's a hottie!!!!!
  21. HBO

    I can't wait for the new shows. I love it. I'm wearing last season out I keep watching the shows over and over again! :p
  22. Thank you Shelly for noticing, I was starting to think that I was the Ranch Phantom. :wink:

  23. Trust me Taylor, there is nothing PHANTOM about you, what a presence!! But you do where the phantom purple well! Hey, I wear purple!!! What a team, the phantom <comic book character> and Gonzo <a muppet> Together I am sure that we could be quite anime' ted. :D
  24. Taylor is an incredible gorgeous woman. Too bad she doesn't do girls :cry:
    I don't care, I love her anyway! I also love Gonzo and Indy Fuzzy. It was so much fun to hang out with you two!
  25. Love you too!!

    Shelly, speaking for myself - Love you too!!

    Always a pleasure to visit with you, you're such a charming and beautiful woman.

    I look to many more visit in the very near future.

    Can't wait for BR Bob to get our fireplace picture up :wink: so all the posters can be jealous of me.
  26. Shelly,

    Thank you for singlehandedly busting the stereotype of what a "working girl" is. You are so intelligent and well-spoken it is really a pleasure being around you.
  27. As much as I'm excited for the new season to start I will miss seeing all of the old girls who I've grown to love watching. AFA, Max, Isabella, Danielle, Monica Morris, etc. On the other hand it will be fun to see the new faces and get to know them too.
  28. I Love the bunny ranch

    I can not wait for the new season! :)
  29. I of course agree with the other ladies when they say they'd like to see more of Dennis. You are pretty hot.. I'd actually like to see you ride in on your motorcycle. I know it's too late since filming is complete but damn that would be hot. I like how the bunny logo is similar to the harley logo, I had to do a double take a couple of times. I'm addicted to the Cathouse series. Some of it may have been the drama but most of it was to check out the girls. Funny thing is I used to get so PISSED when I saw my husband looking at porn! Of course, I learned that it really turned me on and he got a hell of a time in the bed afterwards. The Cathouse series changed me completely.

    I thought Sunset was hot but she was in total denial when she said she wasn't jealous of Dennis. So, it was fun watching her at the begining say she was fine with him and the other girls and then ultimately leave due to jealousy.

    Bring on more Air Force Amy! Or, has she left the house again.

    Also, the twins that Dennis was with during the last episodes were totally NOT hot enough for Dennis. The girl on the Tyra Banks show today wasn't that hot but you could tell she was FULL of spunk and brains. Cute girl. Very lucky girl!

    This is my two cents even though I missed the boat =D
  30. Dennis you have the best job out there cant wait for the new season


  32. umm do you mean brooke? if so, please get your eyes checked.... she is one of the hottest girls i've ever seen. period.
  33. This was Brooke..great friend.. intelligent.. awesome personality. I agree Lindsey..she's hot !

  34. Fun Fun Fun [smilie=be mine!.gif]
  35. I would like to see more of your girls from the Love Ranch North. What about some of your Hosts in the new series?

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