Have you seen the plot we're hatching? Attention D & Suzette

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  1. I don't know if you've seen yet or not, but in the general forum, someone brought up the idea of a pictorial magazine produced exclusively by the bunny ranch. I don't know if it sounds like a winner to you, but I thought I'd mention it to you! Peace, Love & all that jazz!
    P.S. I think you both are great!
  2. Also, the subject of the message is " playboy is nice but I'd really like something better...."
    Let me know what you think, please!
  3. Sounds like something I'd buy, for sure!!
  4. I'd love to help with this project, Dennis, if you ever decide to go with it. I see a lot of options and ideas for this. It could turn a nice profit.
  5. i like the idea. It sounds like a great thing for us bunny fans.
  6. I thought "Bordello Confidential" was a magazine about the Bunny Ranch. Am I wrong?

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxox Dior
  7. If I'm not mistaken I think I read in a magazine article about the Bunny Ranch that Dennis talked over the idea of a magazine called "Bordello Confidential" & asked Larry Flynt (of Hustler magazine) if he wanted to be partners in the venture. I don't know if it ever got off the ground or not ?
  8. I could of sworn that I saw one of the bunnies pic and it said "Bordello Confidential" above it as if it was a cover. I may be wrong

    xoxoxoxoxoxo Dior
  9. Yea you did I seen the magazine cover to. I think the girl on the cover was Barely legal Mel. It may have been a prototype but I don't think the magazine every went in to a monthly production run. Sounds like a great idea though.
  10. O, cool! I guess I have to break it to the guys that they couldn't come up with anything new... :cry: lol
  11. the plot

    thanks for the great ideas, I am sure our webmaster is looking into it. and also thank you very much for your compliment.
  12. We did two mags that were cool as hell, I think we still have few, they will be collectors items.

    should we sell to the board members?

    Hot nasty pics of of Bunnies fromt he past!
  13. WOW! Thanks for the info, Dennis.
    Yes, I think you should definitely sell them. I'll gladly buy them!
    And Madam Suzette, I love ur pic in ur signature! You look beautiful!!!
    (Dennis, I shouldn't have to tell u you're beautiful too, right!!! LOL) :lol:
  14. Larry Flynt told me to wait till 10 years after the mag Bordello Confidential came out and that they will sell for a fortune.

    I will sell the board some at the regular price.
  15. That would be great of you to not hike the price on us. :D Thanks! You're one hell of a guy like that! 8)
    Please keep me posted.
  16. Handy Ho says she will pull out a box today.
  17. Larry Flynt is so cool. I love that movie they made about him "The people vs. Larry Flynt. I would love to purchase one of those mags, Dennis. May be an E-bay auction is in order here.
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    Thanks, Dennis. That is a very classy thing to do. Do you ever plan on writing your biography?
  19. Re: Have you seen the plot we're hatching? Attention D & Suz

    well, thank you very much.

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